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- About Treatments -

- Katie -

“All I can say is, ‘wow’ when it comes to LaRen’s ‘amazing’ healing work. Ever since I first received a hands on treatment from LaRen in 2019, I have been enjoying her distance sessions. After every treatment, I feel so good, so aligned and connected with Source, just truly happy and at peace. Regardless of what is going on, her work calms my mind, replenishes my energy and boosts my spirit. She has given me some really good tools and information to work with.  I especially appreciate her attention, follow-up email and summaries.  I am so grateful to LaRen for making me feel like a Free Bird.”❤️

- Katie W., Environmental Aerial Photo Journalist, Anchorage, AK
- Phaye -

“My session with LaRen was life changing.  I haven’t felt so happy since my son got married.  🙂 I am so glad I came.  LaRen’s energy healing is more active than any I have experienced before and I have worked with a number of practitioners over the years.  I will be back.”

- Phaye P., Professor, Baltimore, MD
- Lani -
Big Island, HI

“I am so grateful to have LaRen in my life. My session was amazing.  I feel good and ready for a welcomed change. I received some really good literature and so many helpful suggestions. I followed through on all of her suggestions and am grateful for the insight.  She deserves lots of love and blessings for all she does. She is amazing!!”

- Lani O., Kailua Kona, HI
- Sam -

“Thank you so very much with every ounce of my heart. I’m feeling incredibly empowered. …I will never forget what you’ve done for me…. Thank you for allowing me to show myself that I actually have more strength than I imagined. …. I am super confident, thanks to you.  You’re an amazing healer and I am so grateful to have met you. Blessings.”

- Sam S., Cottonwood, AZ
- Sarah -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am so grateful for LaRen’s service to guide me to my best self, my true self. After going through a brief energetic cleanse, each day since my session with her has been progressively better…. I am feeling more clear, focused, strong and loved. I have come into alignment with the passions and dreams I have been denying myself. I feel worthy and have a sense of surrender and lightness in my heart. I’m excited to continue healing. I am content, calm and clear and have moments welcomed by tears of laughter and pure joy. I really appreciate the time LaRen has taken to help support my well-being. There is no greater service than helping someone see their true inner light shine. I am beyond grateful!!”

- Sarah C., Kapaau, HI
- Megan -
Big Island, Hawaii

LaRen’s sessions are transformational. I was so inspired after experiencing her work that I decided to take a workshop with her. I expected her classes to be every bit as life changing and enjoyable as her treatments and was not disappointed. I feel so blessed to have met LaRen and am grateful she is my teacher. Like her sessions, her class could not be long enough, it was that good.”

- Megan A., Kamuela, HI
- Katie -

“While I came in for a treatment, I got so much more! Since my session with LaRen, I have been through a sea of emotions and have shed many happy tears. I am at complete peace and gratitude and am looking forward to working with her again soon and to writing the next chapter of my life as I move from western medicine to holistic medicine.”

- Katie E., RN, Canby, OR
- Madeline -

“I felt really good about this appointment from the get-go.  I appreciated the wide assortment of offerings and the quality of time that was given to me. LaRen is warm and engaging.  She pays a lot of attention to detail creating a pleasantly peaceful and insightful experience.  I hope to one day return to the Big Island and when I do, I will be back for more of her TLC.  It was a lovely experience.”

- Madeline A., PA, Calgary, CA
- Danyele -

“My session was nothing short of incredible. The whole experience was amazing and I am so glad I found LaRen. I am very blessed the universe lead my path her way. Between her inspired wisdom and healing hands, this was a priceless experience. I will definitely stay in touch.”

- Danyele V., Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Psychic and Artist, Racine, WI
- Devereaux -
Big Island, Hawaii

“Aloha and Mahalo to LaRen for her kindness and for removing a lot of sadness from this world……I appreciate all that she does with a beautiful presence very much like a mountain. It was such a blessing receiving Reiki through LaRen. Revived with gratitude for helping to guide my soul into the direction it needs to go, she does it with such grace; her words are perfectly used in a beautiful way as only a true healer does. Her way of healing is a star I am reaching for….. I fully appreciate the love she has for the Earth and feel grateful for her ever present reminder of how beautiful Mother Earth is.”

- Devereaux A., Yogi, Artist, Lover of Life, North Kohala, HI
- April -

“LaRen’s Reiki treatments were the most powerful I’ve felt from anyone. She creates a very loving, open and relaxing environment. I really benefited from her personal insights and wisdom. She is awesome.”

- April L., Quantum Touch Energy Worker, Kansas City, MO
- Audrey -
Big Island, Hawaii

”I so appreciate my treatments with LaRen. I always feel as if my my cup gets filled. Afterwards, I sleep soundly all through the night in bliss and feel fresh the next morning. From the first treatment, I felt was as if there was magic happening in my soul and in my heart as I was bathed in loving peace. Each time is much the same. I feel reset by her sessions and stay in zen mode for many days ahead. I can’t wait to see her again.”

- Audrey S. A., Yoga Instructor, Waikoloa, HI
- Mary -
Big Island, Hawaii

“That was profoundly deep, the most amazing treatment I have ever had. Catapulted to another dimension, I awoke with such loving clarity. LaRen took extra care and devoted more time to me following the treatment to share her impressions. Her insights were precise, so “right on” and provided so much confirmation. Her reflections were exactly what I needed as I work on the next layer, very affirming. Additionally, her referrals have been very helpful. …. I have made significant shifts in to the deliciousness of life itself. Full of appreciation for LaRen and for all of the gifts she shares so well.”

- Mary C., Healer/Musician, Waimea, HI
- Christy -
Central California

“I am so grateful for the distance treatment. I feel like it helped me very much in gathering more energy as I finally turned a corner in my recovery. After nine days in the hospital with an infection, I was released only a day after the distance session. What an experience. This was my second distance treatment from LaRen and it was every bit as helpful as the first one years ago. I could call upon a lot of healers but I call upon LaRen as she is the best.”

- Christy G., RN, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Santa Rosa, CA
- Lacey -
Maui, Hawaii

“My session with LaRen was life changing. I no longer deal with insomnia and I am able to manage my ADHD. I had no idea that energy healing could be so powerful to help with my condition. LaRen shared with me some great self healing tools and hand positions that have made a huge difference in my reality. The universe works in wonderful ways. She gave me such simple tools that help me to focus and clear my mind. I am so grateful for having met her and am excited to continue to experience more of her profound healing.”

- Lacey A., Stay-at-Home Mom, Kahului, HI
- Dona -
Big Island, Hawaii

“LaRen is one of the most powerful healers I know. My sessions with her are always deeply healing and are a catalyst for great growth and change. I feel so lucky to have LaRen on the island to share the work she does. No one comes close to offering what she so naturally gifts. I tell others if they are ready for a transformative experience, then go see LaRen. What she offers is far more than relaxing. She is a game changer.”

- Dona F., LMT, Captain Cook, HI
- Debi -
Southern California

“The distance session was very comfortable and soothing. First of all, I could easily feel energy, at times it was almost like a cloud enveloping me, other times it would be body part specific. The feedback after the session was very helpful and affirming as it was ‘right on’ and so very comprehensive even pointing out what was going in different areas of my body through the chakra system. It confirmed what I suspected and also gave me much food for thought. I feel the treatment was very beneficial and am open to another. I appreciate LaRen’s spirit, energy, wisdom and caring heart.”

- Debi F., Household CEO, Rolling Hills, CA
- Lee -
West Virginia

“It is always good to see LaRen and to be around her presence. I felt amazed after the energy healing session and simply had a wonderful evening, just chilling. She is a wonderful spirit and I am so glad I have made the connection with her. Besides her thoughtfulness, she is a helpful resource of great information. I will definitely be in touch again.”

- Lee R., Aesthetician, Parkersburg, WV
- Mayumi -
Big Island, Hawaii

“LaRen is a true professional. I enjoyed an in-home session with her. I felt incredibly relaxed for days following the treatment. Reiki is so beautiful. I am so blessed by God’s grace and to have LaRen as both teacher and healer. I appreciate her loving kindness and her giving heart.”

- Mayumi F., Reiki Master, Kailua Kona, HI
- Dionne -

“I had a sense of well being from the start of my distance treatment. I actually could feel LaRen as she was working on the various areas of my body. Once she began at my high heart, I really felt her presence with me. I had some amazing visuals and received many insightful messages. This was all very beautiful and unexpected. I had no idea I was holding on to so much. This instigated a tremendous shift and I instantly felt better when she finished the treatment. It was crazy! I never expected anything like that. I released so much, all of it good. LaRen’s insight and feedback was really on point. I have so much gratitude for her help and compassionate aid. There are some things I have not been able to access by myself and it is wonderful to have her as support. It was one of the most amazing things I have experienced. I literally felt high on energy afterwards.”

- Dionne B., Reiki Practitioner, Whidbey Island, Puget Sound, WA
- Tabitha -

“It was a pleasure meeting LaRen and I am so appreciative of her making the time to fit me in. I am very particular whom I receive energy healing from. I was so relaxed after my session with LaRen. It was the most relaxed I have felt since being on island. Beyond that, she gave me a wealth of invaluable information. I feel her insights and experience will be very instrumental in detoxifying my body from the effects of a toxic antibiotic I received several months back that has affected my brain and caused impaired hearing and loss of vision in one eye. The world would be a beautiful place if the honesty (like that which LaRen has shared with me) came before lining pockets (with money). I appreciate her integrity. Her healing work is nothing short of heavenly.”

- Tabitha M., Personal Trainer, Boise, ID
- Sandra -
Ontario, Canada

“It is, I think, rare to find someone who takes such care, takes such a holistic and well rounded approach (that considers the whole person!), and then cares enough to follow up as LaRen has done. I am ever so grateful to her for being that caring, compassionate person, and for bringing all of those qualities to our healing session and follow up. I sincerely appreciate it and know I am healing, thanks to our session and to her approach.”

- Sandra M., C.N., Toronto, Canada
- Cynthia -
Big Island, Hawaii

“Wow!!! I can’t thank LaRen enough. The distance treatment was phenomenal. I am so glad I had her work on me while I was getting my dental procedure. I actually had to check my mouth the next morning to see that the dentist really put the implant in because I had absolutely no pain, no swelling, etc. It is as if nothing happened at all. My daughter was stunned that I was able to simply eat food completely normally. I mean there was absolutely no soreness at all. It was beyond amazing, more like miraculous. I send my heartfelt gratitude to LaRen. I had the same procedure done last year and it took weeks until I could eat normally again. Love & Aloha.”

- Cynthia G., Therapist, Kailua Kona, HI
- Meredith -

“….I am very pleased…. to recognize LaRen’s healing work, and help others to find her and benefit from it. I was suffering with tinnitus (banging in my head) which brought me to seek out CranioSacral Therapy which has given me relief in the past. LaRen took such gentle care with me during our appointment. It was such a blessing to meet her and I am sincerely grateful for her help, which proved very healing for me. She takes a holistic approach in considering the whole person which was a huge blessing for me. The first night after my session with LaRen, I found that when I got up in the middle of the night, while the banging was still there, (this is so exciting/wonderful!) it seemed much softer.….The next night I slept even more deeply and the banging was softer again still! By the third night, I had the deepest sleep of all; and, though I had to get up a couple of times (and that was previously the time when the banging would come in very loudly), I did not notice the banging (at all!) which is a huge, incredible gift and blessing….I am so sincerely appreciative for LaRen’s healing help…..I am so very grateful, and am going to do all that I possibly can to implement her recommendations, and continue on this healing journey! Thank you –Thank you – Thank you!”

- Meredith M., Student, Silver Springs, CO
- James -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am so grateful. After not being able to work due to incredible pain and then after seeing LaRen for a single session, I worked for eight hours the next day without any pain, which is a miracle! I give LaRen credit. She put me in such a state of relaxation that I let go in a way that I couldn’t let go before and that combined with her chakra balancing and energy work did wonders. I worked for eight hours! I am very grateful. Not only is LaRen an angel for coming in on a Sunday to treat me, she is a miracle worker.”

- James P., Musician/LMT, Captain Cook, HI
- Judy -
Victoria, Australia

“I express my heartfelt thanks to LaRen for the most amazing transformation my life has undertaken, a spiritual and healing journey. It came at the end of the most stressful period in my whole life. Finding her in Hawaii was such a gift for me – she allowed my heart to complete its final healing. Now upon my return home, my heart has never been so open and so fearless. In the space of 2 short weeks, I have said YES to life and I have said YES to ease and grace. LaRen assisted in moving me from a place of fear to a place of fearlessness.”

- Judy M., Law of Attraction Coach, Melbourne, Australia
- Barbara -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I love having sessions with LaRen. She guides me right back to who I truly am. I am so grateful LaRen is inspired to heal others. Spreading love through Reiki makes this Universe a much more peaceful place, starting from within each one of us.”

- Barb G., Reiki Practitioner, Editor, Mountain View, HI
Dr. Joe
- Dr. Joe -
Oahu, Hawaii

“After my first session with La`Ren, I was surprised to be able to sleep pain free for the first time in two years on my left shoulder, after fracturing my collar bone in a biking accident. With my shoulder no longer bothersome, my sessions now yield an amazing sense of tranquility and peace, a different perspective on my life that is much bigger then the daily stresses I get caught up in. It is a feeling of guidance to the grander purpose of LOVE. I can not wait for my next appointment with La`Ren.”

- Dr. Joe, B., D.C., Honolulu, HI
- Diane -

“My experience was not a formal one but a casual one. LaRen worked on me while I sat upright in a chair. Although the duration was short, I felt quite relaxed and had amazing shifts of perspective within. It was definitely a catalyst for some profoundly positive changes. I felt like my insight became clear and decisions that previously eluded me were now crystal clear.”

- Diane H., R.N., Seattle, WA
- Zita -
Big Island, Hawaii

“An amazing experience, I highly recommend La`Ren’s healing hands, especially when you yearn emotional release. La`Ren’s calming and soothing energy made me feel extremely relaxed and at ease. Much to my relief, I had an intense emotional clearing the day immediately following the treatment.”

- Zita, A., Wellness Coach, Keauhou, HI
- Dori -
Oahu, Hawaii

“I have used Reiki to help me heal from many physical injuries over the years and have found it to be extremely beneficial for many of my clients. As an R.N., I prefer this kind of healing to any other. LaRen is gifted and she passionately shares her gift of healing with others. Her Reiki hands are blessed. She has a beautiful and peaceful presence and her treatments are amazingly calming.”

- Dori S., R.N., RMT, Kaneohe, Oahu , HI

- About Reiki Workshops -

- Paul -
New Mexico

“As a Reiki Master Teacher myself for decades, I partook in a level I Reiki workshop to deepen my own connection and, more importantly, to support my family and extended ohana in their first Reiki class.  LaRen is a very thorough and warm teacher.  While I did not intend it, I will be back for her level II course as this was a heartfelt and inspiring experience.”

- Paul Ellithorpe, Santa Fe, NM
- Shanynn -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am so grateful to have a caring and compassionate Reiki Master to receive from!  I felt safe and held through the whole experience.”

- Shanynn M., Kealakekua, HI
- Crystal -

“It was wonderful sharing this gift and space.  Even with all of my anticipation of being Reiki attuned, LaRen’s training exceeded my expectations.  A really amazing experience; I loved every moment.  Getting to share stories and personally connect made it even more special.  I appreciate all her love and guidance and can’t wait to share all of the growth that happens in the coming weeks.”

- Crystal S., Stevenson, Yoga Instructor, WA
- Katherine -

“I returned to LaRen for Reiki Level II.  My experience with her has made a world of difference.  I have a heightened awareness of Reiki and Source. I left the second degree class with more confidence, support and clarity with a bigger intention for 2024.  I enjoy LaRen’s spirit evident in her energy and kindness.  I look forward to working with LaRen again in the near future.”

- Katherine E., General Dentist, San Francisco, CA
- Jacqueline -
Oahu, HI

“I am very grateful I had this experience.  My mom found LaRen and I am so glad she did.  It was worth the flight.  This was a very wholesome and fulfilling time.  I am more present and grounded now than I was before.  I am thrilled to be more connected to the Source and can’t wait continue with self treatments.”

- Jacqueline S., Kailua, HI
- Alia -
Big Island, Hawaii

“After my Shoden, Reiki Level I workshop with LaRen, my analytical mind feels pleasantly at rest, but I will say that the abundance of information and intuitive wisdom above and beyond just Reiki alone, as well as the exchange of mana, presence, love and Reiki are significant blessings on my path.  I had absolutely no expectations and am extremely grateful for this experience.  The wisdom, insights and training I received was beyond what I could have anticipated or imagined.  I am appreciative of LaRen’s sincerity of heart, mind, body presence and all that has been cultivated within and through her as a fruit of her devotion to her Reiki practice and to her body/mind/spirit temple.  Namaste.  There will be more to come.”

- Alia K., Kawaihae, HI
- Mackenzie -

“My first degree Reiki class with LaRen exceeded my expectations.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable to work through things that came up over the last couple of days and feel so much more connected to Source and now have tools to continue to connect with my guides and Source more readily.  I appreciate LaRen’s wisdom and that she leads with such love and lightness.”

- Mackenzie Y., Nurse, ME
- Alex -

“I am immensely appreciative of how vulnerable LaRen is in her willingness to teach and share.  My experience has been filled to the brim with openness, love and insight.  I am beginning the process of truly being there for myself, discovering what it looks like to love in my own direction.  I look forward to my new Reiki self practice and, in time, to sharing it with those I love.”

- Alexandra H., Nurse, Boston, MA
- Kelly -

“I really appreciated LaRen’s attention and desire to know me as a person and not just as a student passing through.  I felt the Reiki energy come through her hands so strongly and always felt safe, held and supported to access my own healing abilities.  LaRen made me feel so comfortable, cared for and listened to.  By the end of the class, I am activated and highly energized.  LaRen is so eloquent with words.  I have been given much to reflect on.”

- Kelly H., Tour Guide, Naperville, IL
- Cleary -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I first took a Reiki class from LaRen in 2017 for the protection and shielding factor. I LOVED this class all the way! I had no idea what a powerful experience this would be. My heart goes out to each and every person who made this happen. I continued on to level II with LaRen later that year and now after seven years, I have taken level III from her. Like all the other classes, I loved this latest experience. The divine has hidden treasures everywhere and LaRen has been one of those treasures in my long and beautiful Reiki journey. I have so much gratitude for LaRen’s connection to spirit. I definitely recommend her workshops to others.”

- Cleary R., LMT, Kailua Kona, HI
- Jessi -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I first took Reiki eight years ago and didn’t really connect with it. I am so glad I began at square one with LaRen. I took my first two Reiki classes at one year intervals and just completed my level III Reiki class. All were way beyond what I imagined.  The third degree class over exceeded my expectations which I thought could not be outdone.  I have infinite gratitude to LaRen for her amazing teachings and beautiful self. I feel so very blessed and honored to have had this amazing experience. This has been life changing and incredibly healing. I am looking forward to continuing my journey and love my new life on this healing Reiki path. LaRen is a wealth of information and a blessing to the world.  She is a beacon of light, love, beauty, and an amazing inspiration. Her attunements and her Reiki hands are heaven.”

- Jessi Joy, Shamanic Healer, Mountain View, HI
- Rylee -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I started over with LaRen after taking Reiki levels I and II elsewhere. I am so glad I did. It has been wonderful training with LaRen. I learned so much about the history and the importance of Reiki and what it can do for mind, body and spirit. The energy of Reiki has come alive in me. The whole experience is lovely. In the grounding meditations, I felt so peaceful and connected to my guides and my inner world. I have learned so much more about giving Reiki treatments. LaRen’s attunements were night and day compared to my other training. My self treatments are so much more profound now. I can feel the energy moving through me like never before. I learned so much more than just Reiki. I took the level I class in the Kona office and the level II class eight months later in the Kapa’au office. Both were really perfect. I recommend Hala`i Healing Place for anyone wanting to embrace Reiki. Thank you LaRen.”

- Rylee H., Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Pahoa, HI
- Arianna -
Big Island, Hawaii

“The two days of my Reiki training have touched me deeply. I feel I have awakened to more inspiration, magic and a stronger connection to source. I am changed. I loved learning from LaRen. Tears are almost flowing of gratitude for LaRen for sharing these teachings with me. She is living them; her knowledge and experience runs so deep and makes the class that much more enriching. This workshop far exceeded my expectations. I took a level I class years ago and it was nothing like this. LaRen is thorough, affirming and inspiring. She helped me to connect reverently with the Reiki teachings.”

- Arianna T., LMT, Kailua Kona, HI
- LaTisha -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I feel ‘whole’ and ‘inspired’.  All of my Reiki trainings have been profound, memorable and transformative. I will always remember basking in LaRen’s light and intention.  I have found joy again. A feeling of jadedness was a part of my being for so long and I now feel free from that. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. I feel lighter and hopeful for the future. I feel whole.  I am so grateful for LaRen following her soul’s calling.  I now feel the earth is more vibrant, the wind, the birds; I can hear and feel better. I trust myself today more that I ever have in my life. To trust one’s self is freeing.  There are not enough words to express my time with LaRen.  It is always special and touches my soul. I feel like a healthier version of myself. I am so grateful and will continue to grow from my experience with her.  When I started I never thought I’d want to share Reiki with others, now ‘I do.'”

- LaTisha R., Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Kailua Kona, HI
- Stephanie -

“I highly recommend LaRen and Hala`i Healing Place. I feel like her training has brought me to be the person I was always meant to be. It was an amazing introduction to Reiki. I was born for this. I felt cared for and thoroughly informed….. I will be returning next year for Reiki level II.”

- Stephanie E., Business owner, Florence, OR
- Carrie -

“I came to LaRen very fortuitously. Everything was exactly as it was meant to be. I trained in level I Reiki in Kapa’au. It couldn’t have been more amazing. Our energies were very in sync. It exceeded every hope, thought, or expectation I might have had. I am excited to take this home with me. I fully intend to come back for level II when the timing is right. LaRen’s method, touch, knowledge, wisdom and way is very sacred and powerful…..I am so grateful for having been blessed to train with LaRen. She carries gorgeous energy and more importantly shares lovingly and selflessly.”

- Carrie M., Organic Hemp and Free Range Grass Fed Cattle Farmer, Centerville, TN
- Alora -
Northerrn California

“I am so happy I came to this class. I feel like I received more than I had hoped. I feel blessed by LaRen’s wisdom, kindness and absence of judgment. I don’t think I could have chosen a better first location or instructor to begin my Reiki journey. I am very grateful for the Reiki knowledge, time and energy LaRen has gifted me. The Reiki attunements were beyond anything I expected and beyond my words. I could feel the Reiki energy literally pulsing through my arms and hands. I am floating on cloud nine from everything and am excited to practice Reiki and to share it with others.”

- Alora P, Diet Technician, Marin, CA
- Maria -
Central California

“I took my Advanced Reiki Level III class with LaRen in March of 2019. When I want to calm down all I have to do is think of the moment that I was going to walk up the stairs in her Kona office. I was with so much hope and happiness at that time and thinking that I made the right decision to travel to Hawaii to get the 3rd degree of Reiki. Those days were unforgettable for me. She made the class and the studying something so simple and at the same time so great. Her attunement was stronger than any I have had from other Reiki Masters. It was profound and made me believe that she opened the Doors to Heaven Itself for me. I felt very special and even now over a year later know if I die, I will take with me that one special gift with me and if I come back in my next life, I will start were I left off.”

- Maria M., Retired Teacher, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Visalia, CA
- Mark -
Big Island, Hawaii

“After having many treatment sessions with LaRen in her Kona office, I was inspired to get Reiki trained myself. With some time since my entry level class with her, I took a refresher course to get reacquainted with Reiki. It was great to reconnect with LaRen, a Reiki angel Her office space in Kapa’au is lovely. I felt a far greater peace than I expected so at ease talking story and reconnecting. She is so thoughtful and authentic. It is such a rare gift to connect and share with someone who understands me. The Reiki session and attunements were beautiful. I have a deep feeling of peace and feel I am ready and able to work with Reiki energy on another level. This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next class.”

- Mark D., Retired, Kailua Kona, HI
- Heidi -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I completed by first and second degree Reiki with LaRen. I appreciate the simplicity she brings in to her teaching environment and how comfortable I felt during both classes despite the five years between the two levels. LaRen mindfully answers all questions and provides adequate time to integrate and review the teachings from the history and origin of Reiki, to understanding how Reiki works, to the hand positions, the sacred level II symbols, as well as the advanced level II techniques. I really appreciate that she makes herself available to answer any questions that arise with Reiki practice well beyond the scope of the class. I highly recommend this class. Just like the first one, LaRen exceeded my expectations.”

- Heidi M., Reiki Practitioner, Artisan of Jewelry and Photography, Waikoloa, HI
- Dana -
Big Island, Hawaii

” I am completely self taught in academia and find it difficult to take a class as a way to learn.  I am so glad I was inclined to explore Reiki especially with the prevailing (global) circumstances. LaRen made this experience extremely easy and pleasant.  All of my reservations were immediately put to rest.  It was incredible.  She provided a relaxing comfortable environment for learning and made it a pleasure to receive information and the Reiki energy.  As someone who feels, sees and hears energy I am dazzled by the beauty of Reiki energy, nothing short of amazing.  I feel energized and balanced and am excited to be a part of the Reiki community, sharing with like minded individuals.  LaRen gracefully instilled the traditions of Reiki and the guidelines for treatment, explaining the unwritten code of Reiki conduct while sharing a simple ceremonial process for activating Reiki energy.  The straightforward simplicity of Reiki makes it available to everyone and allows one to truly experience the collective consciousness of Reiki love.”

- Dana A., Retired Health Services, Kailua Kona, HI
- Madeline -
Big Island, HI

“My experience with LaRen was completely transformative and so healing for me. Her innate wisdom, her learned knowledge, her passionate drive, her enormous heart, love for life and reverence for Reiki all combined for a deeply inspiring weekend immersion. It is hard to put in to words how grateful I am to have been led to LaRen and to Reiki. I am so touched by its healing power and inspired to continue my self treatments as well as to see more and more how it will touch the lives of others through me.”

- Madeline T., Energy Healer, Kailua Kona, HI J
- Mayumi -
Chiba, Japan

“I took a level I  Reiki from LaRen when I lived in Oahu.  It was so positive.  I returned to the Big Island for my level II training over a year later after moving home to Japan.  It was so special I returned a third time for Reiki level III training.  LaRen is a heart-warming instructor.  She offers a beautiful and peaceful experience. She also helped me with finding a lovely place to stay, introduced me to delicious nearby restaurants and guided me to local areas of natural beauty.  Reiki Level III  deepened my connection with Reiki.  I really enjoyed learning with someone else. I also got to experience for the first time the power of more than one person giving me Reiki at once. LaRen is a good teacher and has been a great support to me in Japan. It was so good to take this class with her in Hawaii.”

- Mayumi K., Shiatsu and Reiki Massage Therapist, Chiba, Japan
- Tinian -

“My Advanced Reiki Level III class was lovely. Seven years since my last class with LaRen in the Kona office, this time I opted for the North Kohala location. An incredibly welcoming experience, LaRen is very knowledgeable, gifted and generous. Her follow-up and support is excellent.”

- Tinian V., Outdoor Guide/Organic Gardener, Reno, NV
- Audrey -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I have now taken Reiki levels I, II and III from LaRen. From level I when I first gave Reiki to my kids and they slept better than they had in ages, I was hooked. Her classes are always a beautiful experience. I love her energy, gentleness, kindness, and compassion. Each level was so much more than I expected. I am so grateful for her sharing her time, knowledge, love and space. She is a beautiful Reiki Master. ”

- Audrey A., Yoga Instructor, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Kamuela, HI
- Mary -
New York

“I had such a wonderful experience at my level I Reiki training with LaRen. Mine was unique in that I split the time between the two office locations in West Hawaii (Kona) and North Hawaii (Kapa’au). While both locations were very beautiful, comfortable and cozy, in spite of the convenience of Kona, I enjoyed the Kapa’au office the most as it is an ideal setting closer to nature. I really loved sitting on the porch enjoying the beauty of the bountiful plant life that surrounds the space. As for the class itself, not only did I learn the beautiful art of Reiki but also received tools that equip one with integral strategies in facing life challenges. I appreciated LaRen inviting me in to her space, sharing her wisdom and allowing me to process and assimilate knowledge as it comes to me. This was far more valuable than I anticipated. I feel that my Reiki training and initiations have prompted a strong shift and that life will manifest exactly as I wish it to so long as I maintain my connection with gratitude and humility! I am grateful for LaRen’s openness, wisdom, and generosity. It really was such a pleasure to learn from and work with her.”

- Mary O., Professional Dancer, Buffalo, NY
- Nicolle -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I took an beginning Reiki class (in Kapa’au) after receiving treatments from my partner who got certified by LaRen last year. I am so glad to now be able to give Reiki to myself and to my partner. I enjoyed the experience greatly. Sharing it with another student was beautiful. The format of the material was easy to soak in and talking with LaRen personally was so enlightening and grounding. I loved having tea and am very appreciative of this opportunity to grow. ….The experience at times felt psychedelic.”

- Nicolle V., Agriculturist, Kalaoa, HI
- Veronica -
Big Island, Hawaii

“LaRen is an absolute light. My Reiki class was beyond precious and I feel in divine accordance with the Reiki energy. I was shown myself from the view of Source through LaRen’s meditations and prayers. LaRen is the best guide possible for this transformative experience. I hold utmost gratitude for her, Dr. Usui and all of the other Reiki Masters that have made this practice accessible. LaRen is a 10 out of 10 experience.”

- Veronica D., Reiki Student, Traveler, Kailua Kona, HI
- Michelle -
Big Island, Hawaii

“Taking the second degree Reiki class really exceeded my expectations. I feel so much more confident, focused and in tune with Reiki and am ready to help others that are really in need. This was such a special experience not just learning more in depth about sacred Reiki but the benefit from giving and receiving Reiki from one another was so meaningful. I loved learning how to send distance Reiki and especially appreciate learning the awesome mental treatment. Realizing the breadth of the Hawaii Reiki connection helped me appreciate why the Big Island is so special and renowned as the healing island. This class was very different than the level I class and far deeper than I imagined; an awesome weekend. I felt so much energy flowing. This training helps me to live a more meaningful life. I am excited I will be able to help more people with Reiki. I didn’t realize how profound Reiki really is until I took the first level last year. With this special gift I have been taught, I am forever grateful for LaRen. I will continue telling everyone about my positive experience. The North Kohala office provided the perfect venue for my training with the indoor and outdoor space.”

- Michelle S.D., Paauilo, HI
- Mahina -
Big Island, Hawaii

“The class was great in that I got to receive so many treatments and Reiki attunements. I feel very reassured. This will really serve me to support my confidence in offering Reiki. I am grateful for LaRen’s willingness to share from her experience and for the direction and guidance to get out of my own way. I received beautiful Reiki work and cleared a bunch of energy energetically. Thank you.”

- Mahina L., LMT/Yoga Teacher/Musician, Kapa’au, HI
- Clarkia -

“I feel enchanted by the Reiki experience. It is very meaningful to me. I felt, love, warmth, an amazing energy connection and strong commitment to pursue the Reiki path. I know yet another reason I came to the island again. My Reiki self treatments have been truly delightful. I have so much gratitude to LaRen, a beautiful being and wonderful teacher.”

- Clarkia T., Santa Rosa, CA
- Aline -
Big Island, Hawai

“I was a bit skeptical about Reiki and thought it strange. However, a trusted friend recommended I experience a session to help me come through a challenging time in life. It was so profound that I decided to learn Reiki for myself. In LaRen’s class, I learned much more than just Reiki but learned about life. I have no words. I just loved the experience and recommend it for anyone looking to heal themselves and their loved ones. I am so glad I found LaRen.”

- Aline R., Kamuela, HI
- Pamela -
Big Island, Hawaii

“With no prior hands-on experience of Reiki, I took a beginning class to learn more about it. This class exceeded all expectations. I had a great connection with LaRen. She provided a perfect learning environment, was very gentle and sweet. The class was super informative and perfect in every way. Thank you.”

- Pamela F., Chef, Pahoa, HI
- Arnel -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I really wanted to learn more about Reiki and healing energy. I highly recommend this workshop to others. I feel so confident having learned so much in just two days of class. I really enjoyed how subtle yet profound the feather-like touch of Reiki is. LaRen is very welcoming and her North Kohala space is equally so. My experience with Reiki was amazing, relaxing and yet energizing. I am so grateful to be able to now give Reiki not just to myself, but to others as well. I already worked on myself and had great results with an injury. On the first day of class I could not bend my thumb without significant discomfort. By the second day, the pain was gone and the mobility totally returned.”

- Arnel R., LMT, Waikoloa, HI
- Malie -
Big Island, Hawaii

“After taking a Reiki Class elsewhere, I took a level I class with LaRen to deepen my understanding of ReikiMalie L. I am so grateful for her knowledge and wisdom and for her firsthand accounts of her experience giving Reiki treatments. Since my class with LaRen, I have been doing my Reiki self-treatments. It is beautiful and energizing and I feel more supported spiritually connected when I do them! I’m glad that I took Reiki I again with LaRen. She walks the walk and shares energy with such humility, grace, and joy. After taking Reiki with LaRen, I feel a greater reverence for the energy and the masters and the teachings.”

- Malie L., Writer, Yoga Teacher, Keeau, HI
- Lindsey -
Big Island, Hawaii

“This experience was much more than I ever expected. I learned so much. I feel as though my awareness has expanded. I thank LaRen with all my heart for the very valuable quality time, for sharing with me the gift of Reiki and so much more. I am so excited about all the new things I was exposed to during the class. I deeply appreciate LaRen’s sincerity, honesty and patience. If I summed it up in only a few words: “Delightful. Inspiring. Peaceful.” A new adventure begins.”

- Lindsey M., Reiki Provider, Hilo, HI
- Kelly -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I came to LaRen’s beginning Reiki class knowing it was going to be great and it was! I absolutely recommend this workshop to others. I drove from Kona to take my class at her North Kohala office. With a beautiful drive up the Kohala Coast, it was worth every moment. I really loved being able to sit outside in the shade with the greenery and the fresh air for much of the time. l appreciate she practices Ashtanga yoga and thought she might be very traditional and thorough with that as part of her background; I was right. I was also surprised that she gave so much Reiki between attunements. That was really enjoyable. I was very relaxed and blissed out by the end of class.”

- Kelly C., Holualoa, HI
- Rosanna -
Big Island, Hawaii

“This was a lovely experience. I felt during the entire class that LaRen was holding space for my highest good. She is a radiant teacher. I really liked how she shares both sides of the history of Reiki for a clear portrayal of events. When I learn new things, it is important for me to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. LaRen was very detailed and offered in depth explanations.”

- Rosanna W., LMT, Holualoa, HI
- Susan -
Oahu, Hawaii

“My level II Reiki class was every bit as enlightening as the first one. LaRen gave me such valuable information not just about Reiki but also about lifestyle. She accommodated my personal needs and went out of her way to share with me such important insights that will likely have transformative implications for me and my family. She took time to answer all of my questions. Not only is she an excellent teacher, she truly cares about the well-being of her students and her clients. Her office is very spiritual; in fact it was amazing as for the first time in my life I could literally “SEE” energy in her office. I intend to return for her Energy Healing class. I am so grateful and know how fortunate I am to learn from LaRen. I felt so much love. Everything was wonderful.”

- Susan N., Physical Education Teacher, Honolulu, HI
- Keri -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I’ve taken several energy work courses at this point and I’ve never experienced such a professional, comprehensive training as the Reiki Level I training I did at Halai’i Healing Place. La’Ren gives her all in each and every moment of the class. She truly cares about preserving the integrity of Reiki while at the same time creating the space for a unique expression of the practice. LaRen ensures that her students understand all aspects of the technique. She Keri S.generously shares her tricks of the trade, and she truly embodies the spirit of aloha in her teachings. I’m already seeing powerful results from the attunements she gave me. I’m so looking forward to Level II training at Halai’i. I wouldn’t do it anywhere else!”

- Keri S., LSW, Kailua Kona, HI
- Forest -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I wanted to learn Reiki to feel connected with life’s chi and spirituality. I got what I was looking for. LaRen is passionate about Reiki. This was heart opening and unpredictably understandable. I liked being on the receiving end of Reiki during the course and I especially liked giving Reiki. I felt surprisingly comfortable and in tune with the energy. I am appreciative of LaRen’s hospitality. I’m a very a sensitive person and her space has the energy set perfectly as if she is a feng shui master. I really appreciated the intimacy of her space and the way she orchestrates her class. She has my best wishes filled with positive energy. I look forward to the next level of learning.”

- Forest H., LMT, Kamuela, HI
- Janelle -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am quite blessed to report that my first Reiki attunement was quite profound. This class was a great experience. I enjoyed the peaceful space to share, learn, and grow and I loved the intimate setting. I enjoy having this opportunity to learn Reiki so that I may share it and provide Reiki for my family and friends to be a vessel of healing. I really enjoyed the flow of this class and the amount of time spent to share with each other. If you are interested in energy healing in any capacity, this class is a ‘must-do.’

- Janelle W., Kamuela, HI
Jessica and Adam
- Jessica and Adam -
Big Island, Hawaii

“Our experience was amazing. I really enjoyed how casual the class seemed. It felt directed to our needs. LaRen is very motivating and inspiring. I felt truly loved. We are so lucky to have been taught Reiki by LaRen as this is a very intimate learning process. I cannot wait to continue my training. I am also very appreciative of the respect to our Reiki elders that she demonstrated. This path has changed my life thus far. I am excited to see what comes next.”

- Jessica P., ER Nurse and Adam H., Triage Nurse, Laupahoehoe, HI
- Larissa -

“It was really special taking my Reiki class on the Big Island. Learning how Hawaii, the land, the culture and the Hawaiian spiritual practices relate to Reiki really deepened the experience for me and made it even more meaningful. I enjoyed the class structure and how each topic builds on the next. The initial group reading made it very interactive from the get-go. LaRen provides a relaxing environment to learn in beautified by crystals and lovely art. I especially enjoyed the awesome grounding meditation on the second day. I will be implementing this into my daily routine along with my Reiki self-treatments. This class gets five stars.”

- Larissa F., Engineering Technician, Yoga Instructor, Nome, AK
- Katie -
Northern California

“I was referred to LaRen from a friend. I went in to this class not knowing much about Reiki and left with a great appreciation of energy healing and a drive to develop my practice. Also, I leave with more trust in the process rather than a need to know everything. The space is very cozy and comfy with lots of good light and warmth. If it were any bigger, it would have felt impersonal. This class gave me a lot of understanding and motivation to improve on myself. I enjoyed the class so much that I booked a full Reiki session with LaRen. It was absolutely what I needed and felt divine. LaRen seems to know exactly what to say and what to do. She is a very loving presence and holds the client’s highest potential in her consciousness. In gratitude.“

- Katie B., Tour Guide, Mill Valley, CA
- Steph -

“I always wanted to learn more about energy healing. I am a professional nurse and for many reasons am looking to transition out of western medicine. LaRen provides a very lovely atmosphere in an intimate setting. She provides great input and answers questions thoroughly. I enjoyed the Reiki class so much that I scheduled a treatment and it was divine, exactly what I needed. I recommend LaRen as a teacher and also for her sessions. I had a beautiful experience and I am excited to share this work to help heal others.”

- Steph S., Nurse, Edinburg, Switzerland
- Meredith -

“I felt so welcomed. LaRen created a safe and warm atmosphere. This was the very best experience I could have asked for from the contents to the teacher to the accommodations. The parking accessibility was a great bonus. My class was awesome. I learned so much more than I ever expected. I feel very full of love, very relaxed and calm as I leave. LaRen is an amazing teacher and full of warmth, love and knowledge.”

- Meredith M., Adventure Guide, Dallas, TX
- Dee -
Victoria, Australia

“As a Reiki Master from Down Under, I signed up for the Advanced Level III Reiki workshop as a review. Having studied other levels in Australia and Thailand, I was interested in what a Hawaii class may hold for me. From the very start, LaRen was very present and made me feel very comfortable with my decision. As it is, her class was incredible. I am so pleased with this experience. If you are interested in Reiki, LaRen is a beautiful, knowledgeable and inspirational person and spirit. I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to have had this time with her. We shared so much. She has enhanced my understanding of Reiki significantly as well as I have grown positively as a result of meeting her and look forward to re-connecting again.”

- Dee M., Melbourne, Australia
- Isobel -
Saskatchewan, Canada

“I really enjoyed the feeling of the one on one learning experience even though I took my class with another person. I felt a connection to LaRen and with my class mate immediately. This was truly meant to be. LaRen created a very welcoming and relaxing environment. Clearly, LaRen is very good at what she does. She has knowledge and lots of experience in the area she is teaching. Her methods using example of situations and hands-on demonstrations enhanced my learning. What a wonderful and joyous experience. I will be back for more.”

- Isobel C., Saskatoon, Canada
- Eva -

“I am so grateful for all of the information I gained, well beyond the context of just Reiki alone. I’m feeling the beginnings of a long transformation! I am relishing my new Reiki hands and am feeling more blessed and grateful than ever! I am so appreciative of all that LaRen shared with me – her story, her experiences… a piece of her heart. It has all been resonating within my being, to greater impact than I may have initially guessed. I value her generosity of time and spirit.”

- Eva W., Movement and Dance Instructor, San Francisco, CA
- Demetrius -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I so appreciated my Level I Reiki class with Master LaRen. The peace and love I felt was amazing. During the attunements and the Reiki exchange, I experienced such deep relaxation; it was other worldly. I could feel thDemetrius Oe presence of the grandmasters and their energy. I loved the setting of the class and way Master LaRen shares and presents Reiki. I am very pleased with my first hands-on experience with Reiki. LaRen has very kind and gentle energy. It was an honor working with her. I am super happy.”

- Demetrius O., Artist/Musician, Pahala, HI

- About Energy Healing Workshops -

- Tara -
Southern California

“I took LaRen’s Introductory Hala`i Energy Healing workshop to expand my understanding of energy and to heal myself and help heal others. With a beautiful and authentic nature, LaRen creates a warm and welcoming environment.  I learned a ton. It was a deeply meaningful experience for me that I hope to put to good use in the world. I so appreciated meeting LaRen’s beautiful soul. I am grateful I took this class and very excited to develop my ability and use these skills to help others.”

- Tara Rio, Consultant, Escondido, CA
- CarolAnn -
Southern California

“My class was the best training I could have hoped for. I am thrilled with the two days. LaRen took time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and provided me with so much extra information than just energy healing. She provided me with an experience that far exceeded my greatest expectations.”

- CarolAnn F., LightWorker, Oceanside, CA
- Joe -

“After two classes with LaRen and sessions for my family, I am convinced of the value of this work. While very spiritual in nature, LaRen provides a tangible framework for understanding and learning. Her meditations are incredible and the material in her classes is easy to understand and provides a very strong foundation for practice. This class teaches invaluable assessment and feedback skills that the esoteric work alone cannot provide; a must-do class for anyone who aspires to be an energy healer.”

- Joe A., Attorney, Juneau, AK
Joelle and Ross
- Joelle and Ross -

”Our intuition guided us to attend two workshops with LaRen: Introductory Energy Healing and Level I Reiki. In both classes, LaRen taught and shared her gifts from a place of true authenticity with a total willingness to share her knowledge with others. LaRen was fabulous in her openness and sharing of insights and wisdom. She is not afraid to look outside the box to tailor her workshops to meet individual needs. No doubt we will be back for more.”

- Joelle and Ross, Integrative Health Coach and Personal Fitness Coach (respectively), Canberra, Australia
- Georgi -

“I gained more depth and understanding of the science of the information I already knew and also learned new information on the aura or energy field. I really appreciated the custom aspects of the course as well, tailored to meet my needs. It was excellent all the way around! Overall, this was an extremely fulfilling and inspiring workshop. Many of the hands on exercises were an affirmation for me, as well as an opportunity to experience a new dimension of healing elements and things to practice at home. I also enjoyed the touching upon the use of of various gems and crystals. Everything was perfect. I am so very grateful. LaRen is definitely a calming and peaceful presence to the soul. I am so grateful for the wisdom and teachings she has shared with me.”

- Georgiana S., Eagle River, WI
- Mike -
“This workshop made a believer out of me. The instructor was well prepared and provided an excellent presentation of the material. The space was very neat and clean and the ambiance had quite a calming effect. LaRen was so cooperative in accommodating questions and needs. This was a wonderful healing experience. It has been nothing short of a life changing experience on many levels. I am so glad I took this workshop and met LaRen. I will be back!”

- Mike O, Retired, Daytona Beach, FL
- Pier -
Big Island, Hawaii

“The workshop was great. I feel like I learned a lot. My only regret is that I got rid of my massage table years ago. I am excited to get started with this work and share it with my loved ones. I felt really good after my healing at the end of the second day of class. Grateful.”

- Pier S., Dance Director, Hilo, HI
- Candace -

“I enjoyed my first class so much I had to come back and take another. This one did not disappoint. I have learned so much. What a great gift it is to have met LaRen and to have her as my teacher! I am hooked and will likely take a Reiki class next before I proceed on to the Advanced Energy Healing class. My life is in a butterfly stage because of my training with LaRen. Her teachings are wonderfully inspiring. I would very much like her to come to Oregon to teach there but until then I will be back to Hawaii to learn from her here. What a beautiful gift.”

- – Candace V., SoulShifter, Grants Pass, OR
- Connie -
Big Island, Hawaii

“My Halai Energy Healing class was amazing and a great introduction to the world of healing naturally. I took the mystery out of it and made it real and tangible. This is a great class for anyone interested in alternative healing.”

- Connie D., Retired Business Owner, South Kona, HI
- Brad -
Big Island, Hawaii

“My introduction to Energy Healing far exceeded my expectations. From presentation, to the handbook, resource materials, and documentation, to the information provided on the website to the interesting and informative discussions and hands on exercises, this was an excellent course. I really appreciate how organized LaRen is and how thoughtful she is at putting together comprehensive materials for the course. The shared reading and discussion provided a good learning platform coupled with the hands on experience that really helped me to see how important the chakras are and how they can be balanced with a simple hands-on technique. LaRen did a fabulous job at orchestrating and teaching this class. I feel like I learned a lot about energy healing and the chakras. The hands-on experience was phenomenal.”

- Brad E., Retired, Kailua Kona, HI
- Roberta -
“I have always been intrigued by energy healing and was interested in getting to know a Hawaiian healer. LaRen is an extremely loving and open person. She is really willing to help others. This was an experience that changed my life on all levels of my being. The attention I received was exactly what I need. It was so great to feel this level of care and love. I feel very loved and good with myself. I am ready to accept myself more and also to love me more. With gratitude.”
- Roberta R., Attorney, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Lennie -

“I had a great experience for my first energy healing workshop. The space was small and very soulful. My partner and I both have physical issues and LaRen was very accommodating. In spite of our large size we were very comfortable. There was a lot of information, all presented lovingly and gently. We have a fresh outlook on health and on lifestyle. This class is very positive leaving us with new hope for a better life ahead. I recommend this workshop for anyone interested in learning about this kind of work regardless of their age and condition of health. LaRen is very welcoming, informative and encouraging.”

- Lennie W, Retired RN, LMT, Granite Falls, WA
- Vanessa -

“The class was a wonderful experience. I am really happy I found LaRen. She has a beautiful spiritual connection to her work. Her space is a quiet, clean and safe haven in the middle of Kailua Kona town. She begins and ends the class with a reverent prayer. Her thoughtful caring intention set the tone for the two day class and closed it with a loving note. Her kindness, patience, acceptance, guidance and healing touch were very much needed and appreciated. I really enjoyed the hands-on practice and learned a lot from all of the material she passionately shared. Energy medicine is the perfect addition to my massage work. I will be back for more training from LaRen.”

- Vanessa W., LMT, Austin, TX
- Daniel -

“I enjoyed my Reiki level I workshop so much, I came back two weeks later for the Introductory Energy Healing class. LaRen is very loving, zen, open and honest. It was a blessing to go down this journey with LaRen. I really enjoyed how deep and personal the experiences have been for me. I have so much more confidence in my self, my abilities and in my connection to source. It is incredible this holistic healing can be learned and practiced by anyone with a desire and willingness to learn. I will be back for more. This was a highly evolving experience.”

- Daniel P., IronWorker, Anchorage, AK
- Geni -

“I had an amazing experience. LaRen is such a kind, patient, and insightful teacher. I felt honored to have the opportunity to share a deep connection with Source Energy and the beautiful souls in my class. LaRen is a wealth of wisdom. I can’t wait to see and learn from her again.”

- Genevieve D, CareGiver, Anchorage, AK
- Michal -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I was warmly surprised by LaRen’s energy. Her Kohala office is in a cozy nook with a soft atmosphere that is perfect for energy work. LaRen has such welcoming energy and a passion for teaching in such an inspired way. I am excited to share this work with others.”

- Michal, Housekeeper, Honokaa, HI
- Kathleen -

“I took an online class with LaRen after receiving a treatment from her during my Hawaiian vacation. I honestly did not what to expect. I like personal face to face meetings.  Even on line, it never once felt depersonalized.  I was inspired to take the introductory Energy Healing workshop after completing her Reiki class. I am blown away by her style of talking; she is easy to follow and has a graceful way of making making one feel loved and cared for yet is very interactive and instructive in her teaching. Her passion for energy healing is very inspiring…I feel so much lighter. LaRen’s genius, passion and love is a bright shining light.  Even though it was at a distance, it was another amazing experience; LaRen’s love for what she does is infectious. While I would have loved to do the class in person, I am so grateful the technology allows us to do these classes remotely. I can’t wait to learn more. I have genuine appreciation for LaRen and for what she does.”

- Kathleen E., RN, Health Coach, Canby, OR
- Maple -

“I took the Introductory Halai Energy Healing workshop for self healing and to assist others on their healing journey. My class was held in the warm and welcoming office located in Kapa’au. I felt very relaxed, comfortable and cared for. I am awe-inspired by LaRen’s presence and her extensive knowledge of a vast range of topics. The skills I learned in this two-day class are so helpful to my healing practice, for myself and others. I appreciate her presence on this planet and am very grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime. “

- Maple P., LMT, Eugene, OR
- Eileen -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I took this class as recommended by my LMT who has taken several classes from LaRen. I am so glad I did. It affirmed many of my gifts and gave me great tools and insights. I am looking forward to learning more and to taking another workshop from LaRen soon. Mahalo. Mahalo. Mahalo.”

- Eileen C., Retired, Kailua Kona, HI
Susan R. and April L.
- Susan R. and April L. -

“We enjoyed our Reiki class so much we wanted to learn more about energy healing, specifically to see energy fields and understand the chakra system. This class was wonderful, intimate and moving. LaRen created an open and relaxing atmosphere to support our learning.  As expected, everything was presented in a loving and nurturing environment with a lot of education. We enjoyed how she used personal examples from her own life and practice. We are very grateful and look forward to the next class.”

- Susan R., Kamuela, HI and April L., Kansas City, MO
- Suzana -
Big Island, Hawaii

“All three of my Reiki classes were so awesome that I decided to take in another level of learning. LaRen shared a lot of wisdom and created a good environment for learning. The timing finally came together and I took the plunge for the Energy Medicine class. I couldn’t be more pleased with the North Kohala office not having to deal with the Kona traffic. This was an amazing time for me to learn, go within, and to discover new parts of myself. It was a beautiful experience. I am so blessed to be feeling the gentleness of the Reiki energy and in being able to now combine it with feedback and assessment skills. I am so grateful for having LaRen in my life.”

- Suzana J, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, IT Project Manager, Kohala, HI
- Paiden -
Big Island, Hawaii

“After taking two Reiki classes from LaRen, I had to learn more. LaRen beautifully married the Energy Healing teachings with Reiki. They complement each other seamlessly. She was so engaging and her explanation of the topics were done with passion, gratitude and respect. Everything was in such balance from learning about the origins of Energy Healing, to sharing experiences, clarifying the materials, engaging in hands-on exercises and practice, all coupled with wise life advice and talking story. Every aspect was perfect. I felt so comfortable and sincerely grounded in my experience and confident in my practice. Her meditations are the most beautiful I have ever heard. I love how she personalizes everything with heartfelt meaning. Hearing her voice connects me to my inner knowing. She has inspired me in more ways than I imagined. I have such gratitude for her partaking in this journey with me, illuminating my life with divine love. She is a beacon of light.”

- Paiden K., Reiki Practitioner, Kalaoa, HI
- Vanessa -
Big Island, Hawaii

“LaRen is a beautiful soul. Her loving energy and guidance were exactly what I needed to help this course resonate deeply within me, helping me remember what part of me already knew. Her space is very relaxing, beautiful and calming.  After having a wonderful awakening with her last year in Reiki training, this was exactly what I needed at this point in my journey.  I am excited to explore and practice this modality and use what I learned with more understanding.”

- Vanessa G., LMT, Kailua Kona, HI
- Victoria -

“As an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, it was time to expand my skill set and experience LaRen’s other offerings. Already through her second of three Energy Healing classes, LaRen has made the process so practical, with homework and suggestions backed by knowledge and personal experience. FIVE STARS!!! I love the conversational aspects, the direct attention. There is always so much transpiring below the surface, transmissions from her eyes, her gaze and clearly-intended focus. Her classes can never be replicated online! The materials are consistently well organized, the location perfect, the content meaningful. The time goes by so quickly. I have loved every minute of every class.”

- Victoria Peterson, Business Coach, Anacortes, WA
Jennifer and Robert
- Jennifer and Robert -

“Both magical and transformative, this will be an experience we will always remember. In a nurturing, kind, loving and safe environment, LaRen intuitively seem to know exactly what we needed and created a beautiful space for growth and healing. She is a wealth of knowledge and we truly appreciated her flexibility in addressing our personal issues and interests in subjects that were beyond the scope of the class. She is an excellent communicator and presented the material in an easy-to-understand manner. It was amazing to tangibly see how the energy field is influenced and that we could learn so much in only two days.”

- Jennifer and Robert H., Entrepreneurs, Tuscon, AZ
- Nick -
New York

“After completing a level I Reiki class, I had to know more. My expectations were high as LaRen set the bar with my first experience. I am so glad to learn the skills I was taught in the Introductory Energy Healing Class. LaRen is welcoming and creates a comfortable environment to learn and is very knowledgeable and patient to answer all questions. It is an awesome class with an awesome teacher. I really enjoyed the Kapa’au office as it is easy to find, conveniently located, has lots of parking, and is so inviting. It could not have been more perfect. Her space is very comfortable and welcoming and I loved the indoor and outdoor platform. It was wonderful to feel the breeze, listen to the birds and look upon the cloud speckled skies. LaRen was very thorough and made me feel very relaxed with her heart centered care. This was a very rewarding and amazing experience. It could not have been any better. I would not have changed anything at all.

- Nick J., Reiki Certified, Buffalo, NY
- Maria -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I spent time in India getting certified to teach yoga where I was first introduced to meditation and to the chakras. My curiosity led me to explore the Halai Energy Healing workshop. LaRen presents exactly what is represented in the class description. While her class is geared for those new to the chakra system, I still gained valuable insights and tools for seeing and feeling the auric field and I have a straight forward approach to comprehending the energy system and balancing the chakras for others. She took the ‘mystery’ out of the elusive and teaches a simple and tangible mechanism for assessing anyone’s energy system along with providing valuable exercises to help students keep their own body and mind in balance. This was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to applying this to my work with others.”

- Maria E., Tour Guide, Kalaoa, HI
- Peter -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I was able to take a private class with LaRen so I received the benefit of her full attention. She met my personal needs and gave me an experience specific to my journey and the individual that I am. She provided a beautiful comprehensive introductory to Energy medicine. It build on the foundation I started when I did my level one Reiki certification with her three years ago. Since I was the only student we shared more of our lives with each other and I came to learn how she got to where she is today. The exercises and techniques I learned in her class were awesome. During the chakra balancing and exchange, I received a deep healing. I am excited to go further with this work and would recommend this class to anyone wanting to develop meaningful aspects of themselves.”

- Peter H., Landscaper, Captain Cook, HI
- Dennis -

“I enjoyed the first class I took with LaRen so much that I decided to take another for the intention of self improvement, personal healing and self empowerment in general. The class, like before, exceeded my expectations. It was very informative, productive, and overall very enjoyable. I look forward to the next class with LaRen.”

- Dennis O., Retired, Everett, WA

- About Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching -

- Jeff -

“I reached out to LaRen, a number of months ago, to request a phone consultation for my neighbor who was very ill with a terminal prognosis. She is in full remission right now and she attributes a lot of that to LaRen’s help. I am grateful for LaRen’s warm nature and for helping her truth out what is serving her and what is not.”

- Jeff V., Entrepreneur, Phoenix, AZ
- Kyla -

“I’ve been implementing LaRen’s wonderful teachings over the past month and have already started to see positive impacts on my mind, body and soul and on my overall well-being. I started her recommendations which initiated a detox and I can feel it!! Within two weeks my monthly cycle returned after a prolonged absence. I’m eating the right foods to support my body as well as the detoxification process. I’m also practicing kinder self talk and tending to my creative feminine energy more. I’m very excited to keep exploring and growing my self love and care for my well-being and am very grateful for LaRen’s loving guidance, wisdom and follow up support. I feel so fortunate to be guided to the most natural path possible. for the health of my mind, body and spirit.”

- Kyla C., San Juan Capistrano, CA
- Kimmi -
Big Island, Hawaii

“LaRen has helped me gain perspective on what is important in my life. She encouraged me to take a step back to reflect on the path I was on and to make the choices necessary to change my trajectory. I am leaving a taxing position and am manifesting my dream job using my degree and skills to work from home. I couldn’t have done it without LaRen’s guidance and Reiki support .❤️”

- Kimmi K., R.N., Hilo, HI
- Katie -

“LaRen’s guidance is tremendous and helps me to be and to grow with confidence. I am grateful for her incredible support. She is a gifted healer and helps me find peace and balance in ways I could not do alone. I am so blessed and deeply thankful for the wealth of information she shares to better my quality of life.”

- Katie R., Artist, Talkeetna, AK
- Brenda -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am so grateful to LaRen for helping me to get back my life. I was in such a downward spiral and if I didn’t get the correct help soon. I would have literally committed suicide. Because of her, …I found some perspective and purpose in life though all of this. She is definitely a lifesaver and I’m so grateful!”

- Brenda L., Kailua Kona, HI
- Roxanne -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am so grateful for LaRen for watching over me and encouraging me to go forward. …She has helped me realize the Universe is supporting me every step of the way. ….I am grateful for her teachings, guidance, love and support. She is a mother figure and more to her students and extended family, appreciated, beloved and respected.”

- Roxanne A., Kamuela, HI
- Maggy -

“I connected with LaRen at the perfect time. I shared with her my energy was waning and I was worried about my eyes as I age. She shared about accumulated toxins in the body being more of a factor than aging itself and suggested some products for me to try. Boy am I glad I did. I think I feel even better than I did when I was younger. I am 69 and I have never felt better. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

- Maggy J., Retired, Monassas, VA
- Paiden -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I am a much different human than the one who first walked through La`Ren’s doors three years ago. She is the sweetest angel who continues to impress me with her dedication in sharing on-going follow-up and inspiring testimonies from others. It’s truly amazing what our bodies can handle and do when we are in a higher state of clarity and purity!! Continuing to follow her life style guidance combined with her recommendations for life enhancing products has transformed my health and my life and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to these life changing tools. She has been a pillar of support, light, divine love, friendship and mentor ship in to infinity and beyond for me on my journey. She has truly changed my life. I have lost labels of disease and am experiencing the freedom of a clean, pure and healthy body. .”

- Paiden K., LMT/Reiki Practitioner, Kalaoa, HI
- Phil -

“This was exactly what we needed. I have LaRen to thank for helping my family understand the benefit of a pure body. We had some detox however LaRen confidently coached us through. Both of my daughters have struggled with fertility issues. Thanks to LaRen’s excellent guidance and follow-through, it looks like I will be a grandfather by the end of the year.”

- Phil S., Retired Welder, Houston, TX
- Anelise -

“I am blown away by my first appointment.  LaRen is an angel. Her expertise and insight is helpful for me and my whole family. I am forever grateful.”

- Anelise S., Graphic Web Designer, World Traveler, Lake Tahoe, CA
- Daisy -
Big Island, Hawaii

“I didn’t know what to expect and honestly felt so forlorn that I figured I had nothing to lose. I have been in chronic pain throughout my entire body and have generally been depressed for a very long time, not feeling the joy in living at all. My first session with LaRen was nearly four hours and worth every minute. I am amazed after only two sessions and a month or so later how different I feel. The closest way I can describe it is, ‘I feel like my old self again.’ Most of my pain in my body and in my joints is gone with exception of two isolated areas that seem to be diminishing by the day. My attitude is different and even those who are close to me are acting nicer to me. It is as if my whole world has shifted. I am so grateful for LaRen. I have easily lost my taste for many foods that previously I thought I would never give up. I see I was making choices, ironically to find comfort, that created a nasty cycle of inflammation inside of my body. I feel more youthful and hopeful again.”

- Daisy S., Retired, Waikoloa, HI
- Holly -
Oahu, Hawaii

“I am so grateful for my wonderful session with LaRen and for her loving follow up and attention. I kept her nurturing words in my heart throughout the evening following our appointment and allowed myself to have the remainder of the day to myself just as she suggested. It truly feels like a divine blessing to have met her and to have been shown the healing power of love and Reiki. I am grateful for all of the wisdom and knowledge she has shared with me. I am more informed and empowered than before and look forward to the next time she and I reconnect.”

- Holly D., Corporate Coordinator, Honolulu, HI
- Amy -
Big Island, Hawaii

“It was wonderful working with LaRen. Happily, I have taken and applied many pearls of wisdom from the appointment. Yay! I am so grateful.”

- Amy F., Reiki Master, Waikoloa, HI
- Cindy -
British Columbia, Canada

“LaRen’s space, kindness, personal passion and her energy really resonates with me. She exudes compassion and is incredibly encouraging. She is quite disciplined and has an innate perfection in knowing the information most needed to pass forward. She delivers it always in a soft and kind manner that enables others to flourish.”

- Cindy S., Dental Hygienist, Victoria, B.C.
- Candy -
Northern California

“My consultation with LaRen was exactly what I needed to cap off my trip to the Big Island. I so appreciated the depth of detail that she went in to, not only in her questions of me but in her responses to mine. I was blown away by all of the information I gained. It all made so much sense. I learned so much and am super excited to bring in to my life to go to the next level in my journey towards higher health. She has awesome follow up as well, the extent of which I did not expect. This has been a huge gift.”

- Candy J., Investment Advisor, San Francisco, CA
- Kristen -
Northern California

“My sessions with LaRen have been pivotal. I feel so comfortable with her. I have recommended her to others and they too have had great results. She is very knowledgeable and delivers information in a way that is encouraging and supportive. My time with her has a way of pushing a reset button. I am so fortunate to have found her. I have had a few remote appointments in addition to several face to face.  I am always amazed by the power of the work she does. I’ve made some beautiful changes in my lifestyle, thanks to her.  LaRen always seems to say exactly what I need to hear.”

- Kristen K., Truckee, CA
- Cathy -

“I would be wrong not to relay how impactful my session with LaRen was. I’ve told all my friends about my experience, her kindness and the wealth of information she offered me. They too seem hungry for information. Like the proverbial pebble in the pond and its outward influence, so LaRen has been for me and beyond. She should know her work spreads farther than Kona. I thank her for that. I’ve changed my lifestyle tremendously. I’m a work in progress, but I’ve made big changes and feel better for it. I’m wishing I could be nearer LaRen for sessions going forward. I was so balanced after being with her. Her work could serve me well more regularly. I even want to explore Reiki classes. LaRen is very sweet and caring and her well wishes are heartfelt and well received.”

- Cathy W., Retired, Weston, VT
- Joy -

“I had a session with LaRen while I was visiting the Big Island and I am so glad I did. The rest of my trip went very well. I am so grateful. I felt much more relaxed and less panicked after meeting up with her. I really wish we lived near to each other because her work is amazing. She also gave me lots of aspects of my life to take note of. I am curiously noticing many things that I am doing that are not good for me.  Noticing is a good first step. She has been a catalyst for change. I am excited to implement new more favorable habits in to my life to maintain more peace of mind.”

- Joy S., Beaver Creek, CO
- Victoria -
Oahu, Hawaii

“I was referred to LaRen from a friend of mine. I came for Reiki and did not expect that I would receive information that would change the fate of my life forever. I have been dealing with chronic pain since I can remember. LaRen shared with me a wonderful resource, “Foods That Fight Pain.” I applied the concepts of that book to my life and after only eight weeks it is as if I am living in a different body than before. I am virtually pain free. I would have never believed that diet could make such a huge difference. LaRen explained some things to me that were so logical, that I decided to give it a fair try. I began the elimination program recommended in the book and I will never look back. I am forever indebted.”

- Victoria G., Office Manager, Manoa, HI
- James -
Big Island, Hawaii

“When I first met LaRen, I was immediately attracted to her energy.  I must admit though I was skeptical about the energy work she does.  Energy healing was a foreign concept to me.  After knowing her a couple of months, I asked her to work on my shoulder and elbow.  My work entails a lot of repetitive movement and I had been wearing an elbow brace for months.  After a brief informal treatment, I was amazed by how much better it felt.  The next day I was able to work without any brace for the first time in ages.  The best part was the healing prevailed over a prolonged period of time.  Naturally impressed, I began asking suggestions on nourishing my body.  I lead a very active lifestyle and am always seeking new ways to improve. The suggestions she made definitely enhanced my performance for endurance, speed and strength. La’Ren has wonderful energy in mind, body and spirit and is very knowledgeable about her fields of expertise.  I am fortunate we have since become partners.  Because of her influence,  I am living a clean and active lifestyle at nearly 60 without any complaints like many people close to my same age.  I only feel better the longer I go down this path.”

- James P.C., Owner Hawaiian Heart Window Cleaning, Kaloko, HI
- Shelly -
New England

“My time in Hawaii has changed me in significant ways. I am happy that I found Hala’i Healing Place and that LaRen was able to work with me during my short stay on the Big Island. I so appreciate her time and attention. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety in my life. Her session calmed me so much; I felt more relaxed than I had been on the entire vacation. She also gently brought to my awareness that my coffee consumption might be something to reconsider. I had never considered this but I decided to give it a try and stopped drinking coffee that day, and it was like my body was at peace. I miss that smell and my morning ritual, but it’s hard to even imagine going back to that much caffeine because I feel so good and she was right, I sleep better without it. She also shared some ancient Hawaiian wisdom with me that moved me in very powerful ways. I will definitely visit her again the next time I am on island and am so grateful for her subtle insight. It was a life changing experience for me.”

- Shelly, Professor, Providence, New England

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