Medicinal Mushrooms

Agaricus:  The Golden Warrior

Think of your internal body:  blood, veins, arteries, organs and bones as a magnificent valley of the most amazing nature with streams, rivers, flowers, trees and lovely creatures, each one of them playing a role in keeping this wondrous landscape in balance.  Now think Compare your internal body of arteries, veins, blood, bones and organs to an amazing valley with streams, rivers, flowers and trees. of mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and many other toxins as a dark army of foreign invaders called heavy metals, pathogens and free radicals slowly sneaking in without you realizing, settling in and polluting all that was beautiful and slowly rooting so firmly and growing so big in the form of dis-ease that you are forced to pay heed. 

I was on a quest to find something to maintain my body’s health and beauty, something that would keep my internal landscape safe from such a toxic invasion and something that could reverse this scenario for my clients and loved ones.  This personal pursuit led me to a supreme ally:  Agaricus Blazei Murill extract, the world’s most potent medicinal mushroom (different from dehyrated medicinal mushrooms that are vitally compromised as their cellular membranes breakdown during the drying process decreasing their nutritional potency but instead a patented extraction process that preserves the medicinal qualities of the mushroom at the peak of effectiveness).

agaricus blazei murill mushrromThink of Agaricus as a powerful golden army that recognizes instantly what has happened in this valley and launches a counter attack, the like of which you cannot imagine.  The grand army directly takes on anything that is harmful or destructive to the body, including toxins, viruses, parasites and tumors and more importantly it triggers an immune system response, recruiting all of the body’s allies in every possible imaginable immune cell, to produce a massive army of mighty new cells to conquer the enemy. 

Agaricus has an abundance of beta glucans (a naturally potent complex sugar molecule that penetrates the cellular wall to activate the immune system), is high in protein, natural steroids (with anti-cancer potential particularly useful in the treatment of cervical cancer), anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that quite literally empower the body to overcome just about anything and keep the body producing young and healthy cells to transform the internal body’s battlefield, restoring it to the magnificent valley it once was. 

Agaricus does its job so well that it helps to hold off the aging process and not only fixes problems but prevents problems from developing, preserving youth and promoting vitality even with the passage of time.  Agaricus is not only a golden warrior to combat disease; it provides the ultimate defense to avoid dis-ease within the wondrous landscape of your body.


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