Crystal Pendulums

For clients visiting the practice, we  offer a wide variety of  nutritional products, healing stones, crystals, massage wands, crystal pendulums, healing wands, Tibetan salt and crystal candle holders, divination tools and other unique gift items including Big Island organically grown specialty teas.   Most major credit cards are accepted.  Please feel free to visit the office to peruse our extensive selection of gift items, simply call for an appointment: 808.987.6010.


pendulum display

Our unique pendulums are  useful in  the assessment of the energy or auric field.  Pendulums are also helpful tools to gain insights or affirmations from one’s Higher Self; often used to assist one in making decisions.  Each pendulum is individually created and will vary in size, shape, and color.  Pendulums make excellent gifts serving as wonderful instruments of truth.


amethyst pendulum to enhance spirituality and promote healing

A stone of purification and protection, amethyst is helpful to enhance Divine connection moving one to a higher state of consciousness.  Amethyst is helpful in healing and has been used for thousands of years to ward off disease.  Clearing the energy field of negative influences and attachments, amethyst facilitates the creation of an energetic shield – a spiritual light surrounding the body to fend off negativity in one’s environment.  A great choice for a pendulum to enhance one’s spiritual connection while promoting healing within the body, mind and spirit.


citrine pendulum

Citrine opens the doors for enhanced creativity.  A powerful stone, citrine is cable of awakening the powers of imagination.  Albert Einstein proclaimed that imagination is far more valuable than knowledge.   If you can imagine it, you can manifest it.  Promoting clarity of thought, this is an excellent stone for enhancing abundance and manifestation in one’s life by amplifying the power of will.   Ideal for anyone who has aspirations and especially those who feel blocked creatively.   A potent aide in materialization of one’s desires.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz pendulum on black velvet crystal pillow

Gemologist Robert Simmons states, “Quartz is by far the most multi dimensional and versatile stone in the mineral realm.”   Clear quartz amplifies one’s intention and enhances ambient energies.  A cleansing and healing stone, clear quartz is a powerful stone to assist one in to achieve virtually any goal.   This is a superb choice for a pendulum to magnify healing energy.


hematite pendulum for balancing the entire energetic system; excellent for grounding

Hematite is the premiere grounding stone and is the most effective of all stones for counteracting confusion, distraction and spaciness.  This pendulum is excellent for “setting” the energy field after a post assessment, pulling stray energies down through the meridian system to the root chakra, thus allowing the body to remain in balance for prolonged intervals of time.
Hematite is not to be used on clients with metal in their body
i.e. pacemakers, hip replacements, knee pins, etc.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz pendulum for healing of the heart and reconnection to Divine Spirit

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, gentleness and of emotional healing.  Assisting one to release stress in the body and in the heart, rose quartz reawakens trust in the mind and supports one to unite with Divinity.  Rose quartz is an exceptional choice of pendulum to spread harmony, compassion and love.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz pendulum for clearing negativity and bringing forth positivity

A tremendous stone to assist in transmuting harmful energies, smoky quartz grounds negative energy in to the earth where it can be neutralized.  Smoky quartz is not only exceptional for clearing and purging the atmosphere of unwanted energy, but also a powerful helper for increased practicality and organization.   Smoky Quartz is equally useful for bringing one’s dreams and inspirations in to physical reality.   A worthy choice for a pendulum, liberating unwanted energy, smoky quartz is an essential catalyst for bringing in positive energy to allow the vibration of love to flow freely in to one’s experience of life.

All pendulums are only $24 + tax and PayPal processing fee.
(Shipping included anywhere in the U.S. via USPS Priority Mail).
Our apologies as international orders can not be filled due to the expense of shipping.



In addition to the lovely crystal pendulums, we offer an array of hand selected crystals and gemstones
as well as many rare healing tools not found anywhere else in Hawaii.  
Please call for an appointment to browse or plan on extra time at your appointment
to take in the many unique offerings.  

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