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I have never experienced Energy work before and feel somewhat apprehensive.
Will it still help me?

If you keep an open mind and heart, you will likely find the experience beneficial.  While results vary for everyone, sometimes the healing is subtle and/or gradual and other times profound and/or immediate.  Energy healing is based on a heart-centered consciousness and always serves the highest and best good.

I am religious and am concerned that Energy Healing contradicts my belief system?

Energy healing does not interfere with any belief system.  It is not biased based on beliefs or any other factor. Anyone of any background may benefit.  The basis of Energy Healing is love. Love heals. Love is Universal and is not limited.

How does Reiki differ from Energy Healing?

Some say the terms might be interchangeable.  With Reiki, the practitioner has undergone a sacred attunement or alignment process under the guidance of a Reiki Master that allows Universal Life Force Energy to flow through them so they may act as a conduit for Divine Energy.  With Energy Healers, most practitioners aspire to open their channel. Many Light Workers begin by healing with their own love.  In time, the most potent healers bring in spiritual love. Some are born as natural Healers easily able to channel Universal Energy; others acquire the skill over time through experience.  Its akin to a child being a musical prodigy while another may practice for years to achieve comparable excellence; the same analogy might be said for an artist or a poet, etc.  All may deeply enjoy their craft and in the end present beautiful masterpieces.  There are many powerful Energy Healers and Reiki practitioners.  Like with any occupation, there may be some practitioners that are more adept than others or one that you resonate with more.

What is Universal Life Force Energy?

You might say it is the underlying creative intelligence of the Universe that organizes our world and everything in it.

I feel skeptical that Energy Healing or Reiki actually works and that it is not purely placebo effect for those that report healings.

Research has shown the placebo effect to have demonstratively positive impacts.  It is a wonder that modern medicine does not routinely employ a placebo first before prescribing a medication or a procedure as the placebo success rate hovers right around 30%.  You might appreciate that a person has a good chance of improving based upon the placebo effect alone. With Energy Healing, while you are not required to ‘believe’ in it, it is helpful to be open to the gift(s) that may be waiting for you, to surrender the results to the Universe or to what feels comfortable to you.  You can allow the experience itself to determine whether you feel it is beneficial for you.

How does Energy Healing work?

Most people seek a treatment because they are compromised in some way, whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  Depletion can result from a variety of stressors, external or internal. Just as a good night’s sleep will give the body time to heal, Life Force Energy will also deeply relax the body allowing it to rejuvenate from within.  Similar to basking in nature, i.e. bathing in the early morning sunshine, allowing a gentle breeze to gently caress your skin, feeling a waterfall enliven your body, walking barefoot on the grass, sitting by the sea or under a tree, burying your feet in the sand, or gazing at the stars, Universal Life Force Energy raises the energetic vibration of the body, restoring the body to wholeness.  Because it works by filling a vibrational need, it is best to allow the first experience to be when you are in a place of need as opposed to when you are already feeling terrific.  Think of it like getting a chiropractic treatment when you have back pain; the effects of the adjustment are likely dramatic provided the chiropractor you have chosen is skilled.  Imagine instead going for a routine maintenance adjustment when you do not have any back pain at all. While the treatment might be helpful to maintain alignment, nonetheless the effect is subtle as you were not in discomfort before the adjustment.  You still benefit from the adjustment in both scenarios but in the first scenario the effects are more tangible. Just as with most providers, whether chiropractors, dentists, acupuncturists, doctors, massage therapists, etc., maintenance treatments are helpful when seeking out an Energy Healer to maintain your higher vibration and well-being.

I am not a believer in the Divine or in God or in any Higher Power.
Would a treatment still be beneficial for me?

If you have ever experienced Love and know the power of Love then you know the potential of Energy Healing.  It is Universal Love that is everyone’s birthright.

I am fascinated by Energy work and wish to help others myself?  Where do I start?

There are many courses available to aspiring Caregivers and Light Workers.  For new students, while there are self-study programs on line, there is no replacement for a hands-on experience.  I prefer classes that are smaller in nature that allow ample time for practice and questions.  If a student is completely new to energy work, I often will recommend a two-day level I Reiki class as a solid place to start.

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy.  Because Reiki aligns the student with Universal Life Force Energy, it instantly activates a conduit that already exists within him/her.  If performed correctly, the conduit will also be cleansed and charged to amplify the person’s natural healing ability.  The channel is endowed with omnipotent Universal Life Force Energy and essentially becomes a one-way conduit for Source Energy to flow from the Universe through the provider to the recipient.  In other modalities, students learn techniques for healing, however their ability to channel Source Energy is developed over time.  At the onset, the ability to channel Universal Energy is often subtle unless a born prodigy.  The person may be susceptible to taking on the condition of the person whom he/she is trying to assist.   With Reiki, the force of the Universal Energy that immediately flows is so immense that it virtually creates a one-way conduit.  In this way, Reiki is instantly protective and the provider never needs to be concerned whether he/she will take on any negative condition of the recipient.  That being said, other Energy Healing courses should spend an ample amount of time teaching new students how to guard and shield themselves.  Learning to use shields is a process like most things in life.  The more we practice something, the better we get. When first learning to apply a shield, imagine it like finding a blanket in a winter storm. The blanket may help keep you warm but ultimately it is best to seek shelter from the storm.  Over time as you develop the skill to apply a shield, it becomes more effective at protecting you from potentially unwanted energy.  With Reiki, as long as you are actively working with Universal Life Force Energy you are protected and do not need to expend your time being concerned with such matters. An experienced Reiki Master will mentor you in how to activate your conduit to ensure you are protected.That being said, not everyone is interested in taking a Reiki course.  For those students, taking a comprehensive beginning level Energy Healing class that includes protection, clearing, shielding and intention exercises as well as hands-on techniques is a great way to begin.  The Hala`i Introductory to Energy Healing course spans the course of two days and allows students to practice in an intimate setting all of these skills as well as to delve in to a comprehensive study of the chakra system, providing students with effective assessment and feedback skills to gain both competence and confidence.Before enrolling in any class, you might inquire as to the exact class content to be certain you are learning the skills that will most benefit you as a new practitioner.

I hear of many people who become healers after they have had an intense spiritual experience like a Near Death Experience (NDE).  Do I have to have an NDE to gain the capacity to heal others?

In an NDE, a person is often reconnected to Universal Love.  It is not uncommon for the person to experience a spontaneous miracle healing after the experience and while it is true that many are able to transfer that Healing Energy to others, it is not necessary to have such an experience to become an effective Healer yourself.  We are all born with infinite potential.

Ever since I was a child I have had a natural ability to heal others but I noticed that I would often take on the ailment of the person I was trying to help and developed an apprehension to assist others?  I still want to help others however this is a real problem. How do I help others without taking on their issues?

In question #7 above, I address this very concern.  Taking a Reiki course would be my recommendation as you will be taught how to bring your attention to Universal Life Force Energy rather than relying on a combination of your own energy as well as the spiritual energy you are naturally tapped in to.

I have been to Energy Healers sometimes with very good results and other times not.
How can there be such a discrepancy in the experience?

Without knowing the training of the Healers you have visited, I cannot speak on their behalf.  The truth is that your experience can vary widely even when seeing the same practitioner simply because Energy Healing works by filling a vibrational void.  Imagine going to see a practitioner when on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the best), you are at a 3 feeling quite under the weather. In this instance, you will draw more Universal Life Force Energy to yourself than if you visited the same practitioner when you are feeling very good at say an 8 on scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the best).  You will likely have a relaxing experience for the latter treatment, but in the first scenario your treatment may instead be transformational.It is important to let go of any expectations.  If a particular ailment does not seem to be instantly relieved, you can trust it is being addressed on some level.  There may be other matters being attended to taking a higher priority of healing or another issue may need to be resolved before the particular complaint area improves.   Universal Life Force Energy will always go to the part of the body that is most depleted.  Each treatment is unique and it often has less to do with the provider as it does to do with the recipient and where his/her body is at.

If I enrolled in classes to learn more about Reiki or Energy Healing, how long does it take to become a Healer myself?

Just like with any craft, we do not become experts overnight.   Any teacher that makes such promises is misleading you. While everyone possesses an innate ability to heal, this lies dormant in the majority of the population unless one has chosen to explore this attribute.  A good teacher will not only awaken this potential within but will also offer guidance on your path of self-discovery as a Healer.  It is always recommended that before you begin offering your services for fee that you have fully committed yourself to your own personal healing.  The amount of time varies from person to person depending on life experience and dedication. You might ask yourself if you would be inspired to go to a Healer that got certified in a weekend, perhaps last weekend? While Reiki does accelerate the healing potential, a good Reiki Master will require you to invest in your own healing before working with others.  Rather than generalizing, this is something you might address personally with your mentor.





Energy healing is not meant to be a substitute for a one-on-one relationship with a qualified
medical professional and is not intended as medical advice.  Results vary widely;
Energy healing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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