What to Expect During a Treatment

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“My first Reiki session felt like I was enveloped in a blanket of love.”
– Karla,  Big Island, Hawaii


Are you ready to experience a sense of deep calm and relaxation?  Most likely your experience will be one of tranquility.  Some recipients report feeling unique sensations, waves of energy moving through their body, others report having enlightening visions and some may demonstrate keen emotional releases during and after their session.  Others fall in to a deep slumber and others describe a sense of inner peace, a feeling of safety.  Some may feel as if multiple sets of hands are working on them at once.  Most everyone feels refreshed, serene and at ease while yet others might feel energized and recharged.   The energy will always go to the area of the body, mind, or spirit that is in the most need and is unique to each person.  

First time appointments include a consultation, being brief or comprehensive, tailored to the specific needs and interests of  each individual client  prior to the treatment.   Your experience on the table will typically last between two and three hours depending on  if you are receiving a full chakra and energy system assessment and/or a guided meditation  in conjunction with an energy balancing treatment.    In preparing for your session, it is best to wear loose comfortable clothing and refrain from eating at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment.  While lying down with clothes on, initially I will ask you to take a few deep breaths to enhance a state of relaxation.

I may begin by gently placing my hands in a still position on or off your body (near your body with no direct contact) or I may begin with my hands in motion as I take a preliminary body scan.  If my hands are still, I will likely spend a number of moments in each position as I move over various areas (such as the top of your head, over your eyes, on your belly, over your heart).  Slowly moving from one area to the next, I will assess your bio-field before proceeding to clear and balance your energy field.  All you need to do is relax and breathe normally; the energy will flow where it is most essential.  No personal energy is drawn or drained from me, instead I am merely a conduit through whom energy flows.

You may feel warmth emanating from my hands, your body may tingle slightly, you may even have surges of emotions and memories, or you may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep.  However, you may feel nothing initially, but after the session is over, you may notice you are calmer or more centered than before.  Universal Life Force Energy is gentle, yet very profound; it will flow to the parts of your emotional or physical body that are most receptive to it.

Results are sometimes immediate and sometimes the healing is gradual.  Individual experiences will differ greatly from person to person and session to session.   The subtle healing energy will often take a person deeper than they have ever gone before.  Some report immediate relief from chronic conditions.  Another person may notice a definite shift coinciding with the healing and his/her health will steadily improve.  Some report temporary discomfort as energy blockages are released and others enjoy a feeling of lightness and relief as the energy field is liberated.  Occasionally, a person may experience an acceleration of the healing process and his/her symptoms may intensify for a brief time.  When this happens, the recovery period of the illness is usually shortened.  Most often, the client feels relaxed, content, peaceful, clear and empowered following a treatment.  Regardless, it is always helpful to recognize the underlying healing; if there is a disturbance at any level of the energy field, it has the potential to manifest physically if left unchecked.  Energy healing may pre-empty an illness or injury by strengthening the weakened area and supporting and boosting the overall energy system.

Universal Life Force Energy will clear the chakras, allowing the energy to flow freely, facilitating the body’s natural balance.  Remember to keep an open mind even if you are not sure of the benefits that energy healing can have for you.  If a person is closed to the idea, it may block the flow of energy.  It is best to allow quiet time following any session to allow the work to integrate and to receive the most benefit for the time you invest.

For many people, an energy balancing treatment is an absolute reset on every level of their being positively enhancing not only one’s physical health, but emotional well-being, mental outlook and spiritual connection.  This shift is often empowering and helps them to live a more rewarding and meaningful existence in alignment with their soul purpose.   Subsequent sessions are generally a couple of hours in length and may or may not include an initial consultation depending upon the client’s personal lifestyle goals.



Sessions are not meant to be a substitute for a one-on-one relationship with a qualified medical professional.
Results vary widely; there is no intention to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Client Feedback


“It was an incredible experience meeting La`Ren. I am so thankful to have connected and was afforded the opportunity to have such a release. This was a catalyst for deep reflection of my choices and bringing my awareness to making positive shifts. I feel so much more stable in my being and am integrating back to life being more careful of what energies I bring in. I can’t thank her enough and am very fortunate to have met her. Lots of love.”
– Nicole M., Los Angeles, CA

“I could literally feel the pain leaving my pain.  I feel amazing. I had no idea I could feel this good.”
– Jillian B., Kailua Kona, HI

“I am incredibly fortunate to have LaRen’s teachings, blessings and medicine. I have felt so much better since my session with her. I have been working on internalizing what she shared with me and what was revealed through her chakra reading. I am so grateful for this catalyst for change. LaRen’s healing energy lives in me!”
– Vanessa A., Albany, NY

“I am so grateful for such a wonderful healing experience. I so appreciated how gentle yet powerful it was. …I truly feel so much better after the session. The Universe is giving me lots of affirmation that I am right where I need to be. Thank you endlessly. I will touch base again. I am so glad we connected.”
– Madison H., Burlington, VT

“I treated my daughter to a session with LaRen. I am so glad I did . She took such good care of her. It has been a few days and she is much better, more positive, open, and she LOVED the session. Now when we are talking about someone she will interject, ‘Maybe they need a session with LaRen.’ LaRen is so loving and as my daughter would say, ‘awesome!’”
– Teri C., Kailua Kona, HI

“I felt my crown opening at the end of the treatment and I noticed an unfolding of sorts- unfolding of petals perhaps.
I noticed myself in a state of me-ness in the days following the treatment. What a gift. Returning to that place is such a beautiful affirmation of life for me. It was neat to learn about the state of my chakras.  I really enjoyed my time on the table. The visions I had came naturally and had a unique quality that connected me with the essence my higher self. It has been a really good reminder of the me I want to be. I am so appreciative of the treatment,
for the beautiful space LaRen held while I was in the table.”
– Carla V., Rancho Bernardo, CA

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