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If you are not 100% satisfied with the life you are living, LaRen will work one-on-one with you to improve your quality of life.  As a spiritual and wellness coach, with your cooperative effort, she will enlighten your mind and your heart with her wealth of insight and knowledge so you might start enjoying your life to the fullest.  Whether your obstacles are emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual, in a combined partnership you will discover your internal keys to your personal well-being and happiness. Everyone faces turmoil and challenge at some point in life.  There are times when a supportive relationship can safely guide you past the turbulence so you might enjoy a rewarding existence.  LaRen works with nourishment of the body, mind and soul to support you on your journey.  All facets of a person’s experience are closely entwined and there is nothing within you that is not related to how you nurture yourself on a daily basis on all of these levels.  If one area is out of harmony, it will eventually affect other areas and can even cause disruptions in your environment.   Change begins with you.  If you are ready to do whatever it takes to feel better, you have met the right person who will help you on your path of reclaiming your fervor for life. 

Some degree of coaching is generally included in most appointments as part of the consultation and treatment process.  The more time you invest in your session, likely the more benefit you will receive.  Experiencing an energy balancing treatment subsequent to a consultation helps you to take in the breadth of the discussion and assimilate the information in a gracious manner.   The result of a comprehensive session often yields a higher vibration that helps you to be naturally more receptive to incorporating positive change for upward growth.  Most recipients feel renewed and are very inspired after such an experience.   That being said, some clients choose to receive one-on-one coaching and treatments independent of one another.  Simply select the type of appointment you feel is most appropriate for you.   Depending on your personal goals, you may wish to schedule more time.   If you are not 100% sure of what type of appointment will be most pertinent, please call 808-987-6010 and we will help you choose the most suitable session so you might receive the most benefit from your time.

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Client Feedback

“I met LaRen while I was on holiday.  Immediately impressed by her vitality, I asked her what she did.  When she told me coached on lifestyle choices and practiced energy medicine, I had to see her on my brief island stay.  My session was informational and inspirational.  Since then, I have been working with her remotely.  She has been a tremendous help.  I am 60 years old and have suffered from a number of auto-immune conditions for the last 30 years.
Today, I am feeling better than I have in decades.  Her sessions are delightful and her knowledge and presentation is caring, compassionate, yet clear, direct and priceless.”
-Sandy S., Santa Barbara, CA

“I found LaRen through a friend’s recommendation…. All I expected was a relaxing experience at best, what I received was a far greater healing. I have been dealing with chronic inflammatory bowel disorders for the past few decades; my latest diagnosis Crohn’s Disease.  I experienced a profound release in my bowels for three weeks following my appointment. Concerned that it wouldn’t stop, I reached out to her. She kindly worked  with me over the course of several weeks coaching me as my body detoxified. I feel great, the pain in my intestines is virtually gone. She suggested  lifestyle changes I might consider, directed me to several excellent resources, and encouraged me to engage in more self care through a number of recommendations. All of her suggestions were very thoughtful and certainly applicable in my case. I feel as if I have a mentor on the Big Island. I will definitely be back next time I am on the island and am forever grateful for this profound experience and relief I received. I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised with her services and her after care treatment.”
-Rochelle F., Newark, NJ

“I appreciate LaRen’s loving attention, her caring follow through and her choice of words kind words. She can put any one at ease. After my session with her, I felt incredibly relaxed and as though my body was in a state of better balance. She shared many excellent suggestions that have not only influenced my physical body but also my attitude. I have been able to be open with my relationships in expressing and sharing my needs in a way I haven’t been comfortable doing before.  My time with her has been invaluable and has brought me much peace in mind, body and spirit. I am grateful she encouraged me to consider necessary lifestyle changes and to be honest about my needs without feeling selfish or guilty about it.
My life is on a far better track.”
– Wendy K., Chicago, IL

“I have so much endless gratitude for each and every moment with LaRen. She is a genuine wealth of knowledge and
creates such sacred space in which to share. I am so grateful for all of the precious time she took with me to discuss health.
I cannot wait to connect again. I definitely look up to her as a mentor and am so appreciative of her patience, support,
loving advice, open heart and smile.”
-Paiden K. Kailua Kona, HI


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“…one of the vital differences between a good healer and a great healer is that a great healer guides you back to your own innate ability to heal and ultimately encourages your independence…..
This eventually makes the healer unnecessary.  But for a healer, this is the price of greatness!”
– Anita Moorjani





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Lifestyle coaching, consultations or treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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