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~ Feedback ~

“This class exceeded my dreams. LaRen is an amazing healer. She shared so much love and insight.
The passion and confidence she demonstrates in her healing work transfers over to her students allowing us
to get started on a firm, loving and intentional foundation. I received so many downloads. I did not expect to get
so much clarity on the start of my transformative process. I slept the best I have in ages after the very first day of class.
I am very excited to see what comes next.”
 – Roxelle C., Kailua Kona, HI

“Spending time with LaRen was an unexpected, deeply transforming and enlightening experience.
I  appreciated the opportunity to learn with LaRen as she so willingly personalized and catered the flow of the class.
Her insight, guidance, personal stories and experience were beyond any expectation.
She created and held a beautiful space for learning and growing.  With gratitude, peace and love.”
– Gillian P., Townville, SC

“I have been completely transformed! I was taken on a journey…that forever has changed my life. In 43 years, I have never experienced this type of calmness and peace even as a law of attraction coach. I feel grounded and centered….. life changing. LaRen is fantastic, positive and inspirational….  LaRen was beyond better than I expected.
I will definitely be back for more.”
– Kelly W., Honolulu, HI

“The class flowed very well. LaRen teaches efficiently using all resources for the best good of her students.
I feel than not only do I want to continue training with LaRen but I look forward to a life-long relationship with her
as a family friend. She also trained my 86 year old mother.”
– Rossanna R., Kailua Kona, HI

“I am very peaceful inside….I feel so great….as if I can conquer the world. I was able to speak freely and share my story.
I feel I have been able to heal a lot and know now I can find the peace I have been looking for. LaRen has the gentlest spirit.”
– Amy M. Martin, Bakersfield, CA

“I have so much gratitude to the Universe for LaRen, for her teachings, time, guidance, compassion and energy….
I enjoyed the workshop immensely. LaRen created a warm, comfortable, safe space and gave so much love and healing.
Highly recommend.”
 – Mary S., Hakalau, HI

“This was a great experience exceeding my expectations for sure. The information was taught in a sensible manner and was easily understood and retained. Her space is very comfortable and feels very welcoming and safe. I am excited to have this in my tool box and to see where this may take me. It was great to meet LaRen. I am grateful for everything!”
– Laura W., Hilo, HI

“My…classes were a wonderfully balancing and stabilizing experience energetically.
I feel so comfortable with the teachings and well informed. All around, the whole experience has been
energizing yet relaxing and fruitful. I loved it!”
– Robin S., Maui, HI

“I am awed by how people are drawn to me for healing love. Beauty is manifesting before my eyes.
I cannot express enough how my life is healed and blessed. Namaste and an infinity of
gratitude to LaRen for…sharing this blessing.”
– Jypsi, Pepeekeo, HI

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