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Energy MatrixOne of the most common questions that arises for people is, “Does healing really work from afar?”  While this is a complex dynamic to grasp, distance healing, for perhaps the first time in recent history, is finally gaining limited recognition by the scientific community.  The film, “The Living Matrix”, winner of multiple awards, makes the valiant attempt to bring science to metaphysics in explaining the phenomena of energy healing, both remotely as well as in person.   The film depicts researchers who successfully measurably quantify healing results in recipients of distance treatments through the use of modern diagnostic tools such as CT Scans, MRIs, x-rays, and laboratory blood work.  Results range from the mundane all the way to the miraculous.  While limited by the boundaries of the scientific process, the mechanism, by which distance treatments work, is still not completely understood.  One might, however, appreciate that much of our daily existence involves the transfer of energy over long distances.  Satellite dishes are an example.  There are other energies all around us traveling great distances in a short amount of time, such as with radio waves.  In a similar fashion, healing energy  carries a vibration of its own.  In fact, all of life is made up of energy and the constant  transfer of energy is inherent in life.   Healing energy can be transmitted from and received anywhere on Earth.   Some have described the life energy used by healers as a subtle energy that is faster than light energy.

A question that often arises is, “How does one know that the distance healing is truly effective and that is not merely a placebo effect?”  In “The Living Matrix”, the value of the placebo effect is explored at great length.  The placebo effect can elicit a positive healing response in  14% – 30% of the patients simply because one holds a belief that the body can heal, evidenced when recipients unknowingly receive a “placebo”  (sugar) pill as opposed to an authentic pill (drug).  This is evidence that the body can heal itself if the intention and belief is there to do so.  The power of the mind has incredible value when it comes to overcoming challenge, whether it be a disease or an endeavor such an athletic event, a performance or any sort of challenge be it physical or mental.  Coaches routinely take athletes through a visualization of completing the course and winning.  Imagine if a downhill skiier prepared for a race, thinking to himself  that his chances of winning were not great.  With this kind of mental preparation, the likelihood of him succeeding are greatly encumbered with such an intention and poor belief in himself.  Imagine if he had prepared for the race thinking that he had a great chance of winning, the likelihood of his success is greatly increased reflecting both his intention and his belief.  While the mind and the power of intention is a very effective tool for change, the nature of the placebo effect can certainly be instrumental in bringing about healing, but let us consider it even more carefully.  Is it solely responsible for the healing that comes about as a result of transmitting healing energy?   ‘…Researchers say “no”.  In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers published the results of a study in which the results and responses of clients were compared to their initial expectations.  The theory is that if pain relief were simply a placebo effect, only those patients that expected relief would report success.  In addition, researchers measured the level of antibodies in patient’s saliva before and after treatment.  All of the results were compared to a control group that received no treatment. Researchers found that the percentage of patients who reported relief of pain was much higher than would normally be expected from a placebo effect.’  ‘…(In fact), 55% was the percentage of clients in the study who reported…pain relief…..   Positive responses did not appear to be related to the client’s initial expectations or beliefs. In addition, the clients who were treated by the most experienced … practitioners had significantly higher levels of antibodies in their saliva. The researchers concluded that the therapy effectively reduced stress and pain, while improving the body’s ability to fight of infection and that the findings were not exclusively a result of the placebo effect.’

While the majority of us do not comprehend the underlying mechanisms of how something so simple as a television, cell phone, a radio, or even electricity works, we accept that it is so based upon the evidence, in the case of electricity, in the form of light generated from a light bulb.  The same is true for distance healing.  Those who have experienced treatments and who have felt unrefutable results are instant believers in distance work, not because of some belief they held, but because of what they have personally experienced.

Brain Neruons Energy TransmitssionMost of us have had experiences where we might be thinking of someone and they call us after perhaps not being in touch for weeks, months, or even years.  We often just pass it off as a mere coincidence.  Perhaps it is, but perhaps it is not.  Many have experienced a telepathic connection with someone else in which one senses what is happening with the other person.  While it is not easily explained, for the persons involved it is not any less real.  Healing energy is governed by the laws of nature which describe subtle energies differently than man’s laws of science which describe the physical world.  As physics explores the layers of the structure of creation, some describe a unified field not bound by the limitations of man’s understanding of time and space.  In the unified field, these aspects are transcended and there is no separation between past, present, or future, hence everything happens simultaneously; there is no travel time.   As soon as healing energy is transmitted, it arrives at its destination immediately, directed by the intention of the practitioner.  This is measurable in the EKGs of recipients who often enter a deep state of relaxation while receiving distance healing.  Distance healing, also called “remote healing,” is a way for a practitioner to channel healing energy to anyone, anywhere in the world.   While appearing abstract, this phenomena is very real and the results are tangible.

Most people who doubt the efficacy of distance healing have probably never given it a chance. All one needs is to accept the possibility that it could work and let their own experience validate the answer.  Think of it as the force of prayer or of love.  These are invisible and powerful forces, not bound by time and space.   When healing energy is sent, it accesses the individual’s energy body working not only on the physical aspect but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person.  Healing energy can be transmitted to people, animals, entire communities, or even to bless events or transactions.  Energy healing can be sent to heal past traumas as well.

As a Reiki Master and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, LaRen became a believer as the results she received from recipients continued to be positive and undeniably impressive.   She has gone on to teach this work to others who wish to help their family, their friends, their relatives, or perhaps members of their community.  For more information on training, click here.  The distance work strengthens confidence for both practitioner and recipient.  Expanding in to this often misunderstood arena often proves to be empowering for both parties.  You have nothing to lose and much to gain.  It can often be life changing as it allows you to not only entertain, but to experience the amazing wonders and complexity of the living matrix of which we are all a part.

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What to Expect During A Distance Treatment

Recipients are asked to allow at least 90 minutes for themselves, lying down ideally 10 – 15 minutes before the treatment to gently ease in to a state of relaxation.  Setting the space with candlelight and soft music often facilitates the process of relaxation.  The healing energy itself is transmitted for one hour.  At the end of the transmission, allow another 10 – 15 minutes of rest for the healing energy to integrate and settle within your body.  A comprehensive session includes a check-in before and after the session.  In total, allow two hours for the entire experience.

While the healing energy can be sent regardless of whether a person is engaged or resting, it is helpful to come in to a relaxed state so that you will be more sensitive to the experience.  It is akin to having a massage by a practitioner who incessantly talks the entire time.  The experience might be nice enough, but not nearly as beneficial or enjoyable as it might be if the practitioner were to allow you to enjoy the massage in gentle peacefulness.

LaRen’s distance treatments are a blending of complimentary healing modalities, primarily Reiki and Healing Touch.  She generally works with an inanimate surrogate and will set up chakra system markers to guide her as she works.  Working intuitively based upon the primary complaint of the recipient and also on what is discovered as the energy field is assessed, by the end of the treatment, the entire energy system will be brought in to harmony.  If scheduled, a follow up by e-mail or phone will include information about what was found in the energy system and suggestions as to how to maintain proper alignment and balance of the energy system.

Many people ask if they may request a distance treatment for a loved one.  The answer is ‘yes’ as long as permission is granted from the recipient.  In any healing profession, the consent of the client is vital.  Sending energy into someone’s space without their knowledge or consent is not ethical even if the intentions are to heal.  It is always important to get the client’s permission when sending a distance healing.   There are very few people who will refuse a healing, it is akin to refusing someone’s love.  However, there are always exceptions and while we may not understand someone’s wishes, we must honor and respect their free will.

Book a Distance Treatment

Call 808-987-6010 (all appointments reserved with a credit card) or book here.  Ideally, allow yourself a full two hours with approximately 10 minutes prior to and after the energy is transmitted to allow your body to relax in to and to integrate the energy. The remainder of the day should be reserved for introspection to allow the work to settle.  You will be sent a detailed confirmation e-mail to schedule your treatment date and time. Please reply to the e-mail to confirm your appointment. You will receive a follow-up email within a couple of days of your treatment.

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Distance healing is not meant to be a substitute for a one-on-one relationship with a qualified
medical professional and is not intended as medical advice.  Results vary widely;
Distance healing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Client Comments


“I am so thankful for this work. I was in so much pain I could not travel anywhere for treatment. The distance work was exactly what I needed to get over the hump so I could get myself mobile to drive somewhere for an assessment. I am so grateful that LaRen made time to accommodate me on such a last minute’s notice. I really was concerned but by the end of the session not only had the pain lessened but I knew deep inside that everything was going to find its way.”
– Nick J., Buffalo, NY

“I am infinitely grateful for the amazing distance healing I received from LaRen. With all of her love and light, the pain in my hip has actually moved location. A transformative and healing experience, it’s a miracle I can feel it working through. LaRen is an angel and a blessing to the world. I am grateful not only for the healing but also for her generous time, wisdom, guidance and counseling.”
– Jessica C., Puna, HI

“After getting ill, I requested a distance treatment from LaRen. Not sure what to expect, I fell sound asleep during the treatment so don’t remember much. I woke up the next day feeling so much better without having to take any medicine. I am so grateful and her feedback was very helpful. I really enjoyed reading her email and listening to the mp3. It felt like she was reading my mind! I appreciate her insightful reminders and her great suggestions. I know they will benefit me. I so appreciate LaRen holding the space for me to heal!!”
– Kimmi K., Honolulu, HI

“I was hiking in a very remote location when I suddenly became ill and knew I was catching the bug my wife had before I left. She had been ill for a week and had to cancel her plans to join me on a three day hike. As I was overcome with weakness, fatigue, and nausea I found myself in the middle of nowhere miles from help. I felt terrible and knew I was going down for the count I was worried I would not make it out. Through my partner, I was able to make contact with LaRen to send me a distance treatment. It was truly awesome. I woke up at 2am the morning after the treatment and immediately knew I was over it. It was a huge relief. Later that morning I ate a full breakfast and drank as much water as I wanted. I rested another day and received another treatment from LaRen before hiking out at 4am the next morning. I managed to get most of the 2700 foot altitude gain out of the way before the heat of the day. I felt quite strong the entire way out carrying a heavy pack. It was amazing. I am so thankful. It was wonderful of LaRen to be there for me when I most needed help.”
– John H., Volcano, HI

“I am so grateful for the blessings LaRen bestowed on a dear friend of mine experiencing hard times.  After the distance session,  LaRen emailed an audio file of her personal insights.  We both listened to the healing feedback and my friend was brought to tears multiple times.  LaRen is such an intentional, healing light.   My friend is deeply appreciative and so grateful for the thoughtful feedback and love sent her way.”
– Veronica D., Omaha, NE

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“It is the energy of love that heals.”

– La`Ren Kristen


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