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Whether you are piqued about opening to your full potential, gaining self confidence and self esteem, raising your vibration to inspire others, or perhaps are feeling out of sorts in any area of your life, whether its too much pressure at work, a stressed relationship, injury, illness, depression, a disconnection from family and friends, loss of a loved one, a recent move, or you just need to get grounded and feel a sense of peace and safety, an Energy Balancing treatment reconnects you with your essential Self in alignment with the same Source energy that animates all of life.  With a heartfelt consciousness, La`Ren offers herself as a pure conduit for Life Force Energy, taking great care to be an unadulterated vessel to transmit Source Energy from the universal realms to her recipients.  In many instances, an Energy Balancing treatment acts a catalyst for transformation, enabling recipients to transcend their present circumstance.  This hands-on experience can act as a soul activation process to realign the Earthly self with the Higher self, allowing individuals to reconnect with their personal path and soul journey.  During the course of a full treatment, LaRen will assess your chakra system and offer insights on what she discovers including potential blockages and the origins of any hindrances to optimal vitality.  Passionate about empowering clients with proactive suggestions and valuable sentiments, she accesses Universal intelligence  for guidance and delivery.   Each and every treatment is imparted with the intention for the recipient’s highest and best good and is conveyed with paramount love, honor and respect. 

While each person’s experience will vary, recipients commonly feel the sensation of many hand placements at once, they often report feeling ecstasy or bliss, immense satisfaction, deeply relaxed, or pleasantly quiet and at peace.   They may feel waves of energy moving within their own body, or feel tingling, warmth or even chills.  The mind will likely rest while the third eye may be activated. Many clients report seeing colors or having visions, sometimes these are visions coming up for release other times they may be beautiful images  or even colors, some are insightful and others may feel random.  Often times if a recipient is suffering from pain before a treatment, regardless of its source whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, that pain is greatly diminished and is most often completely absent after a session.  For many this experience can be a marker for a new chapter in life and for others, perhaps for a whole new story to unfold.  There are no limitations to what the human spirit is capable of overcoming.  Any healing that occurs is a result of the willingness of the recipient in conjunction with their relationship with the divine.  Realigning individuals with their true nature allows the body to work in synergy with elements of universal spirit for the greatest good.


“A healer is not a supernatural being but a human being who has evolved from experience and has transcended life’s challenges to radiate an infinite light capable of transforming a spark within others in to a triumphant flame.”
– La`Ren Kristen



Transcendent Energy




Energy Balancing is not meant to be a substitute for a one-on-one relationship with a qualified
medical professional and is not intended as medical advice.  Results vary widely;
Energy Balancing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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