Virtual Reiki Circle

Wednesday, June 21st

9am – 12pm, Hawaii time (HST)


All levels of certified Reiki providers, students, practitioners and masters are welcome. Virtual Reiki Circle brings Reiki healers together to support one another while holding space for the collective.  The intention of the circle is to provide a supportive and loving environment for Reiki healers to network with and support one another through Reiki distance treatments. Limited to six participants to allow time to soulfully share insights and receive Reiki, advanced RSVP and registration is required along with proof of Reiki certification. 
Please see below for more details.


If you are interested in attending a Virtual Reiki Circle, please email to verify there is open space before submitting a registration fee.  Once you receive confirmation space is available, submit your registration fee
(on a sliding scale from $30 plus GE tax and applicable credit service fees).   Please make your selection below.

Hāla‘i Healing Place is not a non-profit organization, Reiki Circle registration fees help offset the expense, time and energy involved with bringing Reiki Circle to the community,a service supporting practitioners, teachers, students and clients.

GE tax applies to all services including Reiki Circle registration fees and if paying by credit card or by PayPal,  applicable credit service fees apply as well.   If you would like to pay by check to avoid credit service fees, please contact LaRen directly at
808-987-6010 for the appropriate mailing address and total including GE tax.  Checks must be postmarked at least 21 days in advance of reserved Reiki Circle.  All Reiki Circle registration fees are non-refundable including no-shows and cancellations. 
Mahalo for your kokua and aloha.


Reiki Circle (sliding scale from $30) – select from menu below:
Enter month of Reiki Circle:

Once received, you will be sent a formal email confirmation followed by a private invitation link before the Reiki Circle commences.  Please arrive five minutes early.  Reiki Circles begin promptly at 9am Hawaii time and
finish no later than 12pm noon Hawaii time.   Please check your local time zones.

All sales final. 
All Reiki Circle registration fees and contributions are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable
including cancellations and no-shows. 




“…The virtual Reiki circles have helped validate my gifts and even opened up my ability to receive visions, a talent I never knew how to access before or that I even had.   I am so grateful for LaRen, her knowledge and teaching skills.”
– Mary, Kailua Kona, HI  

“An incredible value to receive healing and insights from so many amazing Reiki healers, this Virtual Reiki Circle is a blessing.”
– Jess, Mountain View, HI

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share energy and wisdom with sisters…lovely and heartwarming.”
Rosie, Captain Cook, HI

“I am so blessed  to attend these gatherings.  I really appreciate the support and encouragement.”
– Dona, Captain Cook, HI

“I am happy to be part of the healing Circle.  It does wonders for me and brings inner and outer joy to all whom I talk to and to things I see and feel as well.  I always feel the love of the virtual circle the rest of the day and in to the next day.”  
– Devereaux, Hawi, HI

“Mahalo Reiki healers. Your intuitions and grace filled loving energy was a blessing. (I am) getting better.” 
– Vernon,  Alberta, CA 

“Thank you so much for continuing to organize the Reiki Circles.  They hold so much meaning and power for me personally and I’m sure the others would agree as well.  I appreciate everything you do!  Sending you much love.” 
– Megan, Kamuela, HI

“I joined the circle to connect with like minds to come back to the heart love vibration.  Not knowing what to expect, this coming together was fantastic.  We were guided into a beautiful place of healing and soulful connection.” 
– Candace, Puna, HI  

“I am grateful for the distance healing from the Reiki group.  My turn around was almost immediate and feels miraculous.   Thank you all for taking time without even knowing me.  I appreciate your aloha.”
–  Diane, Sarasota, FL 




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