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Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay The root of disharmony in the body often originates in the cell.  You might think of dis-ease on our organs as similar to the branches of a very sick tree.  Treating dis-ease is like treating the branches, but treating the branches doesn’t make the tree better, which is why so often after dis-ease is treated the same condition or another one surfaces later in life.  To best support the body, we have to go to the roots of the tree and address the problem.

We now know the root cause of many major conditions begins with toxins entering the body and damaging the cells.  Treat toxins and tend to the body before it becomes sick.  Now that we understand that cells are to the body what roots are to a tree, by purifying, protecting, strengthening and nourishing our cells, we have the best chance to have a healthy body.

Our cells become compromised in today’s modern world because they are systematically bombarded by toxins and free radicals.  The body’s natural detoxification processes cannot keep up with the world’s ever-increasing demands. Being overwhelmed, not able to cope, the body begins to decline.  That breakdown is the beginning of disharmony in the body commonly labeled as dis-ease.  Before becoming symptomatic, toxins first have to overwhelm the cell.  Fortunately, Mother Nature supplies us with gifts to cleanse our cells and boost our body’s defense systems so we might regain our health.

Colloidal Liquid Zeolite cleanses, purifies and protects the body’s cells to bring them back to full health.  Healthy cells make for a healthy body; without healthy cells, each and every one of us is vulnerable to disharmony.

Agaricus Blazei Murill extract  is exceptional at strengthening the cells by feeding the body natural fuel to produce healthy new cells; more importantly Agaricus supercharges the body’s defense systems to devour foreign invaders, pathogens, etcetera.

After the cell is purified and empowered to its original youthful state, essential daily nutrients  from a whole foods plant-based diet provides the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that cells need to remain vital.  If whole fresh foods are not readily available, SuperGreen Juice is a great alternative providing you a powerhouse of super nutritionals.

Healthy Red Blood Cells (Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)Toxins are found in our daily water, food and air suppliesClick here to learn more about where toxins come from.  When toxins enter the cell, not only do they inhibit basic functioning but they block the absorption of nutrients.  Our bodies are literally built by the nutrition from the foods we eat (macro-nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fat and micro-nutrients in vitamins and minerals). When our cells are free of toxins, they absorb the nutrition they need to build and maintain a healthy body.   When compromised, we can all use a turbo boost to regain optimal health. A human being in a world full of toxins benefits from:

(1) clear, pure and protected cells easily provided by a purified and nanonized colloidal liquid zeolite

(2) a strong defense system empowered by the super food extract of Agaricus Blazei Murill, the most potent medicinal mushroom on the planet

(3) optimal fuel and vitality simply supported by the antioxidants and nutrition of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle supplying all essential daily nutrients


“The key to exceptional health is to keep our cells clean, strong and vibrant.
I have found a diet full of whole fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables cleanses, nourishes, repairs and heals the body.
For those not ready to make that grand leap, these gifts from nature, backed by science; divine in their simplicity

will aid most anyone on their journey back to health.”
– La`Ren Kristen




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