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A marvel:  where science meets nature


Zeolites are a rarity in nature; only when molten lava enters the sea cooling rapidly are zeolite crystals  born. Over time, they become highly magnetized. With an innate negative charge, zeolites are attracted to positively charged heavy metals in nature such as those released in to the environment by the volcanoes from which they are born such as mercury, arsenic, sulfur, etc.  This is nature’s way of maintaining is natural balance with an inherent mechanism to detoxify or cleanse itself.  Long since recognized as environmental allies, zeolites have been used to clean up disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

In the last century, science has aligned with nature to produce a product capable of safely detoxifying the human body from the inside out.   This genius blend of science and nature comes at a perfect time in Earth’s history when the technological and industrial age has given way to global environmental toxicity felt even in the furthest regions of the world from pole to pole and everywhere in between.   Pollutants travel the air stream and circulate in the water and the soil accumulating in the food supply.   While the human body innately detoxifies on its own, it can now borrow from the forces of nature and science in a purified activated and nano-sized liquid zeolite that can assist the body to detox for a deep cellular cleanse.  In many cases, dis-ease is merely a symptom of the body’s toxic burden with more than 80% of all diseases thought to originate from environmental toxicity.  Chronic long term low level daily exposure to toxins found in the food, air and water supply can manifest in the body in many different ways including autoimmune and fertility issues, weight challenges, gut troubles, hormone disruption, inflammation, fatigue and allergies.

While there is not an immediate answer for the global environment, we can control our inner environment and reduce the body’s toxic burden.   Zeolites give us an opportunity to support our body’s natural detoxifying systems by lessening the toxic load so our vital organs can focus on healing the body not just removing what does not belong.  In this way, without these invisible inhibitors, our bodies can  function better and we stand a better chance to achieve optimal balance.  Heavy metals may be the root cause of many health conditions such as fatigue where toxins block the magnesium attachment to ATP.  Without the ability for magnesium to bind to the receptor on the ATP, energy cannot be activated. When toxins are removed, magnesium is absorbed at the receptor cite.  Natural energy is the byproduct.   Detoxing may not be helpful only for individuals with fatigue, but with a number of other conditions.   While many people may be getting sufficient minerals, they simply may not be able to absorb those minerals if they are toxic.  In this way,  PureBody helps them to free the receptor sites of toxins to allow the absorption of minerals critical for good health.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease
and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” 

– Linus Pauling, Founder of Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Biology,
Recipient of two Nobel Prizes.

Studies observe improved liver and immune function, better digestion, enhanced circulation, a balancing of the body’s ph and blood sugar, enhanced vitality, better mood, and more.  Zeolite appears to affect damaged, corrupted or rogue cells, especially epithelial cells,  which line not only the skin but every organ of the body including the brain.  When the body’s toxicity is addressed, the ability of the body to repair and heal itself is rejuvenated and in some instances may be restored.  Why not give your body the best chance of healing itself from within?  This may just be the turbo boost you need.  Purify your body now with PureBody or PureBody Extra Strength.

Birth of Zeolite: ©2007 Tim LakeyKeep in mind not all zeolites are created equal.  With more than 46 different kinds of zeolites, only one zeolite clinoptilolite has the properties required to detoxify the body and is safe for human consumption.  The zeolite framework is a three dimensional negatively charged honey-combed matrix called a tetrahedron which acts as a magnet for pollutants and heavy metals.  While the structure does contain aluminum, it is not bio-available as it is bound by oxygen on each side.   The aluminum is critical to maintain the honeycomb structure and will never be released in to the body.  Different from charcoal that will off-gas once it fills with toxins, hence why it is important to change charcoal water filters or air purifiers regularly, once the zeolite structure is full it sequesters the toxins to be safely removed out of the body bypassing the liver traveling on water through the bowels and the urinary tract.  There is absolutely no risk of dumping along the way such as what can occur with charcoal binders or even with IV blood chelation therapy.   Many of the other types of zeolites contain toxic compounds and while sometimes used for industrial uses such as in the production of tires, they are not safe for human ingestion.  Only hydrated zeolite clinoptilolite is safe for internal consumption.  Of the 300+ clinical studies published on PubMed, all of them have been with liquid zeolite clinoptilolite.   Please note there are no published human studies using powdered zeolites.  Because zeolites are attracted to toxins in nature, they must be purified for safety.  They work through a cat-ion exchange where they exchange one particle for another so activating them with helpful minerals such as magnesium and potassium allows an exchange of good minerals for harmful metals such as mercury, cadmium or lead that have a high affinity for the zeolite with a strong positive charge.  Activation of the zeolite cage in this way is a very important aspect of zeolite in addition to a thorough purification process.  A purified activated zeolite will never remove helpful minerals from your body and will never add harmful ones.  You might consider the difference between using an old wet sponge to wipe your countertop versus using a new clean one.   Lastly, a product that is micronized is essential if you hope for more than a mere bowel cleanse.  A truly nano-sized zeolite is crystal clear as the molecules are nano-zized 1000 times smaller than a micr0nized particle.  In the case of the PureBody Extra Strength, the zeolite crystals are so small they are immediately absorbed in the mouth where they begin traveling the blood stream extending in to the tissues, membranes and vital organs.  The particles are so tiny they  fit within a water molecule so can travel anywhere in the body  water can go for a thorough full body detox and are readily absorbed in to the skin.    Only one company uses a third party independent lab to regularly test for purity and potency to ensure consistency from batch to batch.   With rigorous standards and commitment to quality, PureBody Extra Strength is 1000 times stronger than any product on the market using advanced hydro-sound to mill the zeolites as opposed to machine milling that compromises the integrity of the zeolite structure.  This progressive sound wave technology keeps more of the cage in tact increasing the surface area for increased absorption.   The crystals are too miniscule to be contained within the gut and are absorbed in the mouth not in the digestive tract.  For a complete body detox, use the micronized PureBody to clean not just the inside of the digestive system but the entire intestinal tract as it helps regulate the micro-biome (many conditions are born in the gut) and passes through the cellular membrane to affect the surrounding tissue of the intestine and use the nano-sized PureBody Extra Strength to travel the blood stream to access the internal organs and tissues.  In this way, you will increase your body’s ability to effectively manage your health by relieving it of the many toxic pesticides, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals it is inevitably exposed to in the modern age. With a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) rating by FDA, it is safe for everyone including infants and pets; there is no toxicity overdose.

“Every Chronic Disease Process is
Related to One Word:
– Dr. Buttar, Vice-chairman of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology

Imagine if all of science worked in harmony with nature, we might find solutions for many modern challenges.  While zeolites have been around since the dawn of time and have been discovered by ancient civilizations as rejuvenating steam baths and soaking pools, let us celebrate the revelations of modern scientists who invested 30+ years in research to figure out how to make zeolite safe for human consumption.  The secret was found by heating the zeolite up to the temperature of the lava before it flows in the ocean and spinning it, the centrifugal force separates the toxins from the zeolite and for the first time in history, the world had a purified zeolite.  The last 20 years have been spent perfecting the activation, hydration and milling practice for micro-nization and nano-sizing so the zeolite can perform a deeper cleanse than anyone ever thought was possible.  With advanced hydro-sound wave technology, TouchStone has perfected a proprietary process birthing the first ever truly colloidal zeolite.   At last, a time proven solution to our body’s pollution.  With more than 60 countries being served, the world is gaining access to a safe, easy, affordable and effective method to detox from the inside out.  With superior science, these products only require moderate dosages for a thorough detox effect in contrast to others that generally require mega-dosing to achieve notable results.  For more information on environmental toxicity, please click here.  If you are interested in learning about potential sources of toxic metals in your home, click here.   For more information on zeolite and what it can do for you, please click here.   To order, visit the Shop page by clicking here.





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