Advanced Cellular Zeolite

The Solution to Your Body’s Pollution

ACZ Nano Extra Strength 4 oz and 2 oz

For someone who is in to health not only for professional but also personal reasons, I cannot take anything that is not, to put it simply, “pure”.  These are the biggest reasons why I chose Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) nano Extra Strength and why after looking at all other zeolites out there, I knew this was truly worth the investment.

(1)  In nature, zeolites act as magnets and attract toxins and heavy metals; hence in Cage Structure of Zeolite Clinoptilolitemost cases their cages are already full before even entering the body.  Think of the cage as a sponge that has already soaked up all the water it can hold; ACZ’s cage structure is emptied through a proprietary purification process so when it enters our bodies it is clear and pure and provides the maximum absorption.  ACZ is the Ferrari of zeolites.

(2)  Zeolites are naturally too large to be absorbed by our cells so basically they provide a bowel cleanse at best when ingested.  Through a proprietary process, ACZ’s crystals are nanonized so they can be absorbed through the cellular wall in to the blood stream to penetrate damaged cells and heal the body at its core.  ACZ nano Extra Strength provides approximately 1,000 nanomized zeolite particles for every single micronized zeolite particle provided in competing zeolite products. An unparalleled adsorbent, ACZ nano Extra Strength provides a one million times increase in the actual surface area per equal amounts of zeolite administered, thus delivering proven and far superior results.

(3)  ACZ nano Extra Strength provides the highest concentration of nanomized clinoptilolite zeolite per dose resulting in far greater detoxification and extraordinary results.

(4)  The ACZ nano Extra Strength purification process ensures the absence of bacterial growth and other fungal by-products commonly found in other zeolite products.

(5) ACZ nano Extra Strength is safe for anyone including seniors, adults, children, toddlers, infants and animals.

(6)  The highest quality control standards are applied on the ACZ nano Extra Strength with complete pre and post urine provocation studies and more than 14+ clinical studies on activated liquid zeolite. 

(7) ACZ nano Extra Strength is the only detoxification product formulated to remove fluorine and chlorine, two of the strongest oxidizing agents known and found in most drinking water.  ACZ removes toxins without removing nutrients.

(8) ACZ nano Extra Strength contains no preservatives, no alcohol, no artificial coloring or flavoring maintaining the highest purity and quality control of any zeolite.

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