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81 Verses of  Tao Te Ching:  Daily Meditations for Self Reflection to Cultivate Peace and Happiness

ACE Test  The Adverse Childhood Experience test reveals if childhood trauma has contrary indications for well being.

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Death Statistics:  USA and Global Causes

Detox:  Eight Easy Steps – Watch The Detox Solution with Dr. Alex Lee, MD

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Not in Organic:  Organic Trade Association’s list of What’s Not in Organic

Nutrition Facts:  More than 200 Respectable Research Articles:  Science not Media

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Reiki:  Its Influence on the Human Energy System: Article by La`Ren Kristen

Sources of Toxic Metal Exposure:  List of Sources of Common Heavy Metals

Support for the Chakras:  Handout of Mindful Exercises for Balance

Tips for Sound Sleep: Experience Rejuvenating Rest

Toxin Graph:  Relationship to Symptoms of Disease – click here for more information on toxins

Training Guidelines:  Guidelines for Building Size and Strength with Weights

Validation Process Handout:  Inspired by EFT, a helpful tool for self healing

Vitamin Table:  Dietary Vitamin Information Resource

Worth Your Weight In Salt:   Benefits of Sodium

Zeolite Clinoptilolite:  Anti-Viral Properties:  abstract published in Science Direct


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