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“The body must be credited with an immense fund of know-how.”
– Deepak Chopra


It is normally agreed that quality time in nature yields a renewed sense of well being.  A study published in Current Biology in February 2017 suggests that only a couple of days in the great outdoors can reset the internal body clock to reduce the “physiological, cognitive and health consequences of circadian disruption.”  Responsible for sleep cycles and eating patterns, circadian rhythms are linked to immune function, cell regeneration, hormone production, brain wave activity and other biological activity.  Inherent in all living beings, misalignment of the circadian rhythms over the long term have been linked to many serious conditions.  The closer we are in harmony with our environment the more our bodies are in a state of balance synchronizing with lunar and Universal rhythms.  Living in accordance with this basic principle our bodies have the best opportunity to function optimally.  What many might regard as sickness is actually the body’s healing response; a cough, a cold, or a fever are all perfect examples of the body’s innate means of healing by expelling the foreign invader through its own recuperative mechanisms.  If the body’s natural healing process is supplemented with medication, recovery time is often lengthened compared to if the body was left to its own remedial devices.

“Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food.”
– Hippocrates,  Father of Western Medicine

Man’s earliest ancestors lived in a lush natural environment where true fast food was plentiful before they migrated to colder sparse climates where they had to forage for inferior resources and began hunting for survival.  With an amazing aptitude for adaptation, ultimately civilization brought cultivation and harvest of the land, storage and the processing of foods to sustain communities through the coldest periods of the year.  Foods that once helped mankind to survive harsh environments have since become part of the normal diet.  In a tropical landscape, vegetables and fruits are abundant.  Fortunately, in modern society,  the luxury of trade and commerce allows for year-round availability of produce in even some of the most formidable climates.  While grabbing a bag of carrot and celery sticks, a bunch of bananas, a handful of grapes or a basket full of peaches is as easy as a trip through the drive-thru, the west  has revolutionized the food industry through prepackaged enriched Calorie Rich And Processed products that masquerade as food.  With all the flavor enhancers, it is no wonder these items are alluring.  However, these fabricated treats are often full of artificial flavors, synthetic additives, harmful toxins and addictive chemicals contributing to soaring disease rates due to the diminished value or even absence of nutrients.

With marketing strategies, false advertising and misleading claims, it is often confusing to discern between healthy and unhealthy food.  One consideration is whether or not the item has a bar code or comes in a package.  Choosing whole foods over prepared foods is always preferable.  If it does not exist in nature, it likely is less than ideal.  Many conditions can be treated by eliminating toxic foods and introducing nourishing ones.  Your body is inherently intelligent and is constantly affecting “homeostasis” (balance), moving towards health.

 “As long as we are not living in harmony with nature….,
we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed…..”
– David Frawley, Ayurvedic Maestro

While nourishment is a tremendous factor in overall health, it is not the only component to be considered.  Health is not only dependent on the nourishment of the body alone, it is also the nourishment of the mind and the spirit.  Health is a consequence of an accumulation of habits.  Good health does not happen overnight any more than disease.  Like good health, disease is often a result of an accumulation of habits.  Optimal health is much more than the mere absence of dis-ease.  The more we simplify our lives, eat closer to nature, reconnect with the elements, make time for intimacy, practice forgiveness and acceptance, provide acts of service, take time alone and to socialize, make time for rest, relaxation, play, physical activity, creativity, work, family, and so forth the better our quality of life is.  Reflective of Edward Stanley’s insight, “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness,” the same might be said for balance. Imbalance in any part of the mind, body or spirit ultimately yields itself to woe.  Achieving and maintaining balance is the mastery of consistence.  When stressed or depleted, reconnecting with a natural lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to restore one’s inner harmony which reflects outwardly in the body as well as in the environment itself.

Learn how ageless wisdom can support you, whether you are on your journey of wellness or your return to health.   Build strong healthy habits and experience improved resistance and vitality over the long term.  Move past injurious food combining practices and optimize your body’s use of food with a natural lifestyle where you never need ‘to diet’ again.  Uncover biological healing resources.  Discover how you might optimize your nutrition so you aren’t plagued by weaknesses in your genetic profile.  Learn to listen to your body talk and understand your body’s cravings while you come to discern those you can trust and those that are confused messages caused by artificial elements of the modern-day world.  Learn to identify and avoid trigger foods that cause inflammation, inhibit your immune function and contribute to illness.  Understand how you can support your body through your personal choices.  Discover the foods that best support you whatever your current state of health.   Make educated and informed decisions to promote your body’s natural healing process and activate your body’s own inner healer to maximize your body’s healing potential.  Experience how good your body is meant to feel.  Empower yourself and enroll in a seminar or schedule a consultation today.


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Nature's Bounty
“Ancient Wisdom of Food:
Beyond Paleo to Optimal Health”

Whether you need to overhaul or optimize your health, La`Ren Kristen, Holistic Health Practitioner, certified 80/10/10 Coach and graduate from the Center for Nutritional Studies at Cornell shares her passion in this no frills real facts intimate seminar to help you make sound healthy choices based on hard evidence and scientific research, not popular authors or pseudo-science.

You will go away with confidence about the direction you need to take to achieve optimal vitality and come to understand that true health is much more than the mere absence of illness.  Join La`Ren in an intimate venue for a seminar you will likely always remember.

West Hawaii in the Village of Kailua Kona:

Wednesday, May 29th, 8am – 12pm

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“Let nothing which can be treated by diet be treated by other means.”
– Moses Maimonides




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