In the spirit of mind/body  medicine, La`Ren Kristen, founder of Hāla‘i Healing Place, blends Eastern and Western ideologies to awaken the body’s inner intelligence orchestrating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  When any part of the mind, body or spirit comes out of balance, its relationship with the whole is compromised inhibiting basic functions.  Our holistic approach addresses the root of disease within the human body identifying disturbances at the cellular level and within the energy system itself where problems often appear before they manifest in the physical body.

Integrating calming vibrational energy healing (Reiki, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy and basic Neurolink techniques) with essential oils, soft music, healing life force energy and inspiration, you will likely have a feeling of deep relaxation as your body begins its internal healing.   Combined with cellular cleansing and wholesome foods, La`Ren assimilates yoga, meditation, imagery visualization, laughter therapy, and an array of sacred techniques passed down for centuries from various cultures to create a genuine and insightful experience.

A journey of relaxation allows the body to begin its own healing.  Think of a medical doctor who sets a broken bone; ultimately the body itself heals the break.   La`Ren removes blocks in the energy system to balance and boost the bio-field promoting the body’s ability to heal from within.  While the means is very gentle, the effect is equally profound.

The process allows the body to revive itself through enhanced immunity and the release of past trauma at the cellular level and the liberation of present day environmental toxins (radiation, electro-pollution from E.M.F. radio waves, etc.).  This simple system of heart centered care supports clients from around the globe who experience a return of their health, gaining relief from a vast array of disturbances ranging from chronic and terminal diseases to emotional distress, receiving insight and the appreciation of what it means to live with “true vitality”.  Click here for recent testimonials.


“Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside.”
– Albert Schweitzer


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